Mimecast vs. Microsoft 365 Security

    Get the productivity benefits of Microsoft technology with greater resilience than a security monoculture can provide.

    Mimecast’s comprehensive, cloud-based cyber resilience solution protects you in many ways Microsoft doesn’t – beyond your email perimeter, and throughout your network and all of your organization’s communications.

    Integrating Mimecast with Microsoft 365 eliminates the risks of a security monoculture, layers on the most complete and advanced protection available, and improves the performance of your entire security ecosystem.

    Find out why 22,000+ organizations choose Mimecast to secure their Microsoft 365 investments

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    Why Mimecast, not just Microsoft?

    Your company’s email and collaboration tools deserve more

    94% of attacks enter via email, Microsoft 365’s huge user base is an irresistible target, and too many risky emails evade Microsoft ATP and Defender. Mimecast’s email security technology deters threat actors in ways Microsoft’s can’t, with advanced features to break attack chains of all kinds. It keeps email flowing if Outlook goes down, improves compliance, and pervades rich threat intelligence across your security ecosystem – which helps you identify and halt attacks faster, shortening dwell time.

    Go beyond Microsoft to break key attack chains…

    • HALT SUPPLY CHAIN ATTACKS with advanced web impersonation and similarity detection, perimeter security and anti-credential-harvesting features.
    • HALT ADVANCED BUSINESS EMAIL COMPROMISE ATTACKS with AI-based behavioral analysis and anomaly detection to assess risks and respond dynamically, based on policies you can customize down to the individual.
    • HALT PHISHING URLS with multi-layered deep inspection on every click, advanced phish kit detection and inline behavior tracking and user awareness to promote better human decisions.
    • HALT ADVANCED WEB THREATS with browser isolation for any browser or device, not just Edge – no endpoint license required.
    • HALT DETECTION EVADING ATTACHMENTS with real-time intelligence, AI static file analysis, full emulation sandboxing, safe file conversion and rich insights from our global community.
    • HALT LATERAL SPREAD by auto-remediating new hashes, advanced traffic scanning and full integration with archive, sync and recover – no PowerShell scripting needed.

    It just works better

    Gartner’s 2020 survey of Microsoft email security users “suggests dissatisfaction indicating that Microsoft lacks effectiveness.” Mimecast’s email security technologies offer meaningfully greater efficacy than Microsoft 365 – reflected across the full spectrum of risky emails, from “mere” spam to impersonation attacks, malware and malicious attachments. Our outstanding performance is validated by independent experts from SE Labs to ICSA – and, most important, our customers.

    But don’t just take our word for it…

    • SE Labs’ 2020 Efficacy Test for Email Security Services Protection graded Mimecast “AAA” – and graded Microsoft “C.”
    • ICSA’s 2Q20 tests found Mimecast Email Security with Targeted Threat Protection 100% effective at blocking malicious threats in email.
    • 93% of customers surveyed by TechValidate agreed: “Using Mimecast with Microsoft 365 significantly improves our defenses against spam and email-borne threats vs. using Office 365 alone.”

    Greater resilience with 365 Protect Plans

    Mimecast’s 365 Protect Plans integrate with Microsoft 365 to deliver protection Microsoft can’t match – inside, at and beyond your enterprise perimeter. Built-in CyberGraph machine learning analyzes each employee’s behaviors, risks and messages, helping every individual communicate more safely. SAFE Cloud archiving and additional Resilience Extensions improve continuity, compliance, mitigation and recovery.

    All you need to harden Microsoft 365…

    • BRAND EXPLOIT PROTECT identifies web and brand impersonation, flags threats before they reach you and generates telemetry to improve security across your organization.
    • SECURE EMAIL GATEWAY delivers unparalleled efficacy in identifying and halting email attacks of all types.
    • TARGETED THREAT PROTECTION & BROWSER ISOLATION work together to prevent users from allowing malicious actors into your environment – even if you use non-Microsoft browsers and devices.
    • INTERNAL EMAIL PROTECT & CYBERGRAPH help you prevent breaches from spreading laterally, shorten dwell time, speed remediation and limit impacts.


    Plus Resilience Extensions

    • CONTINUITY & RECOVERY to minimize disruption and keep data secure by integrating Mailbox Continuity and Sync & Recover capabilities into your email service.
    • WEB THREATS & SHADOW IT to proactively block web threats, protect users wherever they go, secure guest Wi-Fi and enforce acceptable use policies.
    • PRIVACY & ENCRYPTION to prevent data leaks at and inside your perimeter, and provide easy-to-use encrypted Secure Messaging wherever it’s needed.

    Integrated real-time intelligence & action

    With Mimecast’s solutions, all intelligence is shared across our stack and with Microsoft and other security tools via fully open APIs. Our real-time global telemetry can feed systems from endpoints and firewalls to SOAR automated playbooks. We integrate with 50+ top vendors, from Microsoft to Crowdstrike, Netskope, Rapid7, Palo Alto Networks and ServiceNow. Want security that leverages all the latest threat intelligence to be maximally effective? Want to keep your freedom to choose best-in-class solutions? This is how you do it.

    But don’t just take our word for it…

    • Extend and integrate with other security controls – from Microsoft and virtually all leading providers.
    • More pre-built integrations, easy wizard-driven connections and well-documented, mature APIs – so you can solve more problems, more innovatively.
    • Share data more easily to strengthen your perimeter.
    • Gather more timely, actionable intelligence to find vulnerabilities and detect attacks.
    • Automate more responses to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Mitigate and recover from incidents more rapidly, so they do less damage.

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