Be Ready for Ransomware


Ransomware, an ugly strain of malware that can creep into your organization via email and lock down your networks, systems and devices until a ransom is paid – is on the rise.

Attacks are costing organizations billions of dollars in paid ransoms and cleanup costs, and crippling employee productivity and customer service during the down times.

According to the FBI, this year, ransomware infected 100,000 computers a day. It has also cost victims $209 million in the first three months of the year, which is about $330,000 an incident. And, almost 40 percent of enterprises have been hit by ransomware in the last year.


Unlike other vendors of security or backup products, Mimecast tackles ransomware with a layered solution. We bring together security, continuity and email archiving in a single cloud solution to:

  • Prevent an email-borne ransomware attack.
  • Ensure that employees can continue to work with email during an attack.
  • Store your data in a third-party archive so it’s not lost forever after an attack.

View our infographic to learn how to Never Be A Ransomware Hostage.


Mimecast’s co-founder and CTO, Neil Murray, discusses how an organization recovers from a ransomware attack and the unique capabilities of the Mimecast ransomware offering.

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