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Email and collaboration are where work happens. They’re also where risk happens. The reality of malicious actors, human error, and technological fallibility has created massive complexity, as security teams deploy more and more disconnected solutions — 75 on average — in an effort to stay secure.

The question becomes: how can you control risk without adding complexity?

Microsoft 365 Isn’t Enough.
Don't Let Your Guard Down.

Microsoft 365 is a prime target for email-based cyberattacks.
More than ever, organizations are vulnerable to sophisticated phishing, ransomware, BEC, and malware attacks. Close email security gaps to start protecting your organization today.

The following statistics are based on Mimecast’s reinspection of emails that have passed M365 security controls:

210 per year
Number of malware or phishing emails an employee receives.
Every 7 hours
An employee will receive a phishing, malware, or untrustworthy email.
2.92% of mail
Represent significant risk to your organization's security.
0.70% of email
Missed by Microsoft contains malware or phishing attacks.

Data collected by Mimecast Cloud Integrated From Jan 1, 2023 to April 30, 2023 in the US and UK.
Data based on an average office worker receiving 120 email per day and working 250 days per year, The Guardian.

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