Email Security

    Five Ways to Mitigate the Risk of Zero Day Attacks Against Microsoft 365

    If your organization's users included in the estimated 300 million Microsoft 365 subscribers, the servers within Microsoft 365 contain some of your organization's most sensitive information. But what happens if the target is Microsoft 365, specifically Exchange Online, as email continues to be the number one initial attack vector? What can you do both proactively and reactively to mitigate the risk a zero-day attack against it? 

    While Microsoft provides a world-class layer of security around its' services, as well as copious amounts of QA to ensure its products are secure, no vendor is impervious to very intelligent hackers who spend all their time trying to find a proverbial Achilles' heel in a vendor.

    In this eBook we will take you through 5 steps to prevent zero-day attacks. Download the eBook to learn how to best fortify against zero-day attacks and how to reinforce organizations' cyber resilience strategies must expand far beyond patching vulnerabilities.


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