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    Defending Against Payment Fraud

    Part of Future-Proofing Your Cybersecurity Strategy

    The ability to make electronic payments is a vital ingredient of today's digital economy; however, it has also spawned a vast array of cybercrime. When was the last time you used cash to pay for groceries? If you can’t remember, you aren’t alone. According to PwC “Payments 2025 and Beyond” global cashless payment volumes are expected to increase by more than 80% from 2020 to 2025, and to double or triple current levels by 2030.

    Cybercriminals are using this to their advantage and ambushing companies with various payment fraud schemes, using phishing, brand impersonation, and domain spoofing as their most common ploys. Download this ebook to learn more about how cybersecurity integration can help security professionals defend against the most pernicious types of cyberattacks.

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