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    Commencing A New Decade: 2020 Predictions

    Bring 2020 into Focus: Expert Insight on the Cybersecurity Landscape Brought to You by the Cyber Resilience Think Tank

    With major geopolitical events expected to take place in 2020, experts anticipate new and sophisticated attacks will take advantage of a tumultuous global climate, constantly breaching organizations and individuals. Cybersecurity must be a priority as you discover the biggest shifts in technology, organizational culture shifts, and market consolidation.


    Download this expert guide from the Cyber Resilience Think Tank to learn about its four primary predictions:

    • How DevSecOps will become stronger to combat security risk,
    • How M&A and cybersecurity company consolidation will gain momentum, increasing the possibility of acquiring a breach,
    • How attack simulation is helping security professionals go toe to toe with cybercriminals, and
    • How the fourth platform of IT has paved the way for microbreaches.


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