Email Security

    Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection – Impersonation Protect

    Proven defense against advanced email-borne attacks

    Key Points

    • 1.3 billion emails are inspected by Mimecast daily, the industry’s most robust view of the email threat landscape
    • Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection uses advanced security measures to stop email-borne attacks

    “Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection safeguards your organization and employees against sophisticated email-borne attacks.”

    Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection helps defend against attackers trying to steal data or credentials, plant ransomware, trick employees into transferring money, and springboard to attack supply chains. These kinds of threats require advanced security measures over and above those provided by traditional email security systems.

    How it works:

    • Emails pass through the Mimecast gateway and are scanned for the presence of URLs, attachments, key words/phrases, and other indicators of an attack
    • URLs are re-written and checked pre-click and on every click
    • Attachments are analyzed using a combination of static file analysis and fullsystem emulation sandboxing. Files can be converted to a safe format and delivered instantly
    • Emails are scanned for multiple indicators of compromise to protect against impersonation attacks
    • Mimecast’s Threat Intelligence Dashboard provides actionable intelligence to aid incident investigation and reduce mean time to respond

    Download the datasheet to learn more. 

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