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    Xavier College Switches to Mimecast for Improved Email Visibility, Archiving and Policy Enforcement


    • Security Targeted Threat Protection (URL Protect, Attachment Protect, Impersonation Protect
    • Internal Email Protect
    • Email Archiving


    • All college staff are set to transition to Office 365 in late 2017. Tight integration between Mimecast and Microsoft Outlook will ease that process


    At A Glance

    • Based in Melbourne, Australia, Xavier College educates boys and girls from prep through Year 12. The Jesuit school has 2050 Students and 200 teaching staff


    Xavier College IT staff needed a better way to manage email. Adoption of technology-based learning had led to growing use of online resources and more reliance on email and Microsoft Office 365TM, but the school had limited visibility into those emails and no way of archiving them for long-term legal or governance requirements.

    Legal discovery requests and routine enquiries from staff to recover email often put the IT team on the back foot, says Paul Volpe, Head of ICT at Xavier College.

    The team decided to seek out a new solution to improve visibility of staff and student emails, provide a long-term archive of emailed communications, and enforce policies around email usage and behavioural standards.


    Implemented Xavier College recognised the need to implement Mimecast’s security and email archiving solution. This approach would offload responsibility for email management from the IT team and into a purpose-built, scalable cloud environment accessible to all students and staff.

    “Mimecast seemed like a good one-stop shop that met all our requirements,” Volpe recalls.


    Volpe initially expected extensive downtime and long outages during the implementation, but in the end the “very seamless” transition took just a few days. The Xavier team worked closely with Mimecast’s support throughout the implementation.

    “With a lot of providers, the only time you hear from them is when it’s time for renewal,” Emily Martin, ICT Network Manager, Xavier College says. “With Mimecast, it was really a partnership about how we can get the best out of what we’ve installed.”

    With Mimecast in place, Xavier College is now benefiting from:

    • Better detection of phishing, malware and inappropriate emails - more than half of email is now blocked at the gateway, compared with 30 percent previously
    • Better transparency with students and staff with regard to threat protection, hold notifications and more
    • Archiving and governance objectives met without on-premises storage
    • Fast and accurate recovery of archived email
    • Features like delivery tracking integrate with Microsoft Office 365

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