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    Secure Collaboration – The “New Work” Brings New Dangers

    The impact of the pandemic on companies and their IT was complex. From one day to the next, employees had to be provided with a working environment that allowed them to work securely from home.

    Home office, remote work, the “new normal” are on everyone's lips. This was accompanied by the increased use of so-called collaboration tools.



    But this increased use of collaboration tools has not gone unnoticed by cyber criminals, who see it as a lucrative target for attacks. Together with techconsult, Mimecast conducted a short study among 200 decision-makers in May 2021 to investigate the following questions (among others):

    • What is the prevalence of common collaboration tools in enterprises?
    • What impact did the pandemic have on collaboration from home?
    • What are the risks and opportunities of using collaboration tools?
    • What solutions can minimize related dangers?

    Download the full results of the study and read how the answers to the above questions vary by industry and company size.

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