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    Threat Intelligence

    How To Apply Threat Intelligence To Your Security Program

    While there is no universal model for building a threat intelligence program, there does appear to be broad agreement in IT security circles that threat intelligence is very important! And while also not new, only relatively recently has threat intelligence become a key security topic for most organizations.

    But many questions remain: 

    • What is the right type and amount of threat intelligence given an organization’s state of security maturity?
    • How can security professionals make disparate sources of information scalable and actionable for organizations with limited security staffing and tooling?
    • Should it be used primarily to augment prevention or to accelerate an organization’s threat detection, investigation, and response capabilities?
    • Can threat intelligence management be handled by service providers or be better managed in-house?

    This newsletter is intended to bring you Gartner’s latest research on this topic as well as provide perspectives from Mimecast’s own threat researchers.  It is our hope that as you read through these resources, you come away with a tangible plan for implementing an effective threat intelligence program for your organization.

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