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    Gartner: How To Prepare For Ransomware Attacks

    Ransomware Is A Growing Threat To Organization And Has Been Exacerbated By The Growth In Remote Work Resulting From The Pandemic.

    Ransomware continues to pose a significant risk to organizations, and using techniques that are growing more and more sophisticated and targeted. The impact these attacks have on organizations has increased to the point where some organizations have gone out of business. Therefore security and risk management leaders need to look beyond just the endpoints to help protect the organization from ransomware.

    Download the report to learn more about security key challenges today's organization are facing, and recommendations security leaders must focus on all three stages of a ransomware attack.

    Gartner, How to Prepare for Ransomware Attacks, Mark Harris, Brad LaPorte & Paul Furtado. November 16, 2020.

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