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    Mimecast Archive for Microsoft Teams

    As employees communicate and collaborate with a wider variety of tools, securing channels and responding to governance events is becoming even more challenging. The Mimecast platform offers a single, fully integrated solution for protecting cloud applications, with support for e-discovery and backup.


    Comprehensive protection and governance

    Discover, investigate, and export Microsoft Teams content while reducing the cost and complexity of managing collaboration data.


    Regain control of collaboration data

    Ensure compliance, reduce risk, and establish policies to retain and expire Microsoft Teams data, including one to one, group, and channel. conversations.


    Respond quickly and efficiently

    Search both email and MS Teams data in a single respository to respond effectively to governance events and internal investigations. 


    Safeguard your MS Teams data

    Add a layer of redundancy and security by having Mimecast sync and store your data, while also providing attachment scanning.

    The Challenge

    Balance threat and risk with productivity

    Out of necessity, your business changed overnight. New technologies - from collaboration platforms to meeting applications - were adopted, often without full consideration of security and compliance risks.

    And because remote work is here to stay, security and governance strategies must now evolve to support this new digital communications era, while balancing the productivity your workforce needs to thrive.

    Microsoft Teams is the world’s fastest growing business application ever, making it one of the largest security and compliance threats today. Like email, Teams content provides another channel for cyber deception, malicious attacks, and legal or regulatory exposure. The rapid adoption of MSFT Teams can mean lack of visibility and control for IT, security, and compliance leaders. A simplified way to manage and protect the massive volumes of data being created is essential. 

    Our Solution

    The Mimecast Solution

    Mimecast Archive for Microsoft Teams can help reduce risk and exposure through immutable archives, robust e-discovery and supervisory features, and compliance-driven chains of custody.


    Capture, identify, preserve, and review relevant collaboration content in response to e-discovery requests.


    Simple, granular export and restore operations for Microsoft Teams to safeguard against accidental or malicious deletion of content.


    A single point of control for multiple cloud applications to provide better visibility and reduced risk without sacrificing employee productivity.


    Reliable, secure, encrypted copies of data for added protection against threats and risks.

    Data Retention & Compliance

    Data Retention & Compliance

    Simplify compliance and insure data is never lost

    Take control of your data and gain valuable insights

    Mimecast Cloud Archive helps organizations gain control over their data while easing the burden on IT, legal, and compliance teams. Dramatically decrease the time and expense spent responding to e-discovery requests, conforming to internal and regulatory compliance requirements, and recovering data.

    A 7x Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader that’s fully integrated with Mimecast Email Security, Mimecast Cloud Archive meets the needs of a wide variety of stakeholders resulting in minimized risk and increased productivity.


    Microsoft Teams Archive FAQs

    Why do organizations need archive for Microsoft Teams?

    As remote and hybrid work has increased, employees are using more tools to communicate, collaborate, and aid in productivity. At the same time, these tools make it more difficult to secure channels and respond to governance events. Archive for Microsoft Teams enables security and compliance leaders to respond to e-discovery requests, protect data, get reliable and secure file storage, and more.

    How does Archive For Microsoft Teams improve e-discovery?

    Organizations that have incorporated MS Teams into their workforce must be able to capture and secure all MS Teams data in a legally defensible manner when litigation is anticipated and be able to quickly respond to e-discovery requests. Failure to do so can result in loss of case and fines.

    How can Archive For Microsoft Teams be deployed?

    Archive for Microsoft Teams is an add-on for Mimecast Cloud Archive which can be deployed quickly and efficiently, in a matter of minutes.

    The need to backup Teams vs. the need to archive

    The backup process was designed for disaster recovery, but data can be lost between backup cycles (typically once per day). Archiving, on the other hand, stores files for long-term storage and can be used for business, legal, and regulatory reasons. The archive, stored in its native format, is easier to search and act upon than a backup. 

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