Small Business Cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity That Just Works

    The cybersecurity landscape is complex, but the security technology you rely on shouldn’t be. Stop bad things from happening to your organization with cloud-based security services from Mimecast – security technology for small organizations that just works. You get a fully integrated, proven, comprehensive solution that’s affordable, easy to deploy, and even easier to manage.

    The Cyber Threats Are Real, The Challenges Are Complex

    Email Security – Don’t Settle for ‘Good Enough’


    Victim: Miles

    Role: IT Admin

    Org: Technology Startup ~100 employees

    Scenario: Miles recently transitioned his users to Microsoft 365. However, they are reporting more suspicious emails in their inboxes. The CEO is not pleased by the increase in phishing emails he is seeing.

    Result: One employee clicked on a malicious URL in an email and unleashed malware that corrupted data on the company’s network.

    The Right Solution Delivers:

    • Email security that effectively blocks threats before they hit users’ inboxes
    • An affordable solution with predictable costs that enables IT to budget effectively
    • Monthly reports with benchmarking data to highlight ROI on security investments to key stakeholders (CEO, etc)

    • case-study-circle.png


      Attacks that start with email

    • case-study-circle.png


      Microsoft 365 is the #1 target for hackers

    • case-study-circle.png


      Of adopters see improved security with Mimecast

    Mimecast Email Security Delivers Best in Class Defense Against Sophisticated Attacks. Learn More

    Ediscovery – Find What You Need Quickly


    Victim: Megan

    Role: Dir. of Infrastructure

    Org: Financial Services ~700 employees

    Scenario: Megan is asked by the legal department put a hold on 14 employees’ mailboxes and pull all the emails sent/received over the past 2 years. After two exhausting weeks of gathering data, Megan was missing 6 months of email and one user’s PST file was corrupted.

    Result: Without a separate data archive in place, data was permanently lost, and the legal department didn’t have the information it needed to proceed with its case.

    The Right Solution Delivers:

    • An in-house ediscovery response plan to save you time, money and resources; reduce the time needed for advanced review
    • Dashboards and visualizations to identify, assess and strategize the merits of the case
    • Confidence to respond to your legal and compliance requests

    • case-study-circle.png


      The cost to review 1 GB of data

    • case-study-circle.png


      Potential cost savings by bringing ediscovery in-house

    • case-study-circle.png


      Times email was requested in an ediscovery activity

    Mimecast Cloud Archives Ensures Your Data is Always Available, Replicated and Safe. Learn More

    Get Employees Excited About Security Training


    Victim: James

    Role: Accounts Payable Specialist

    Org: Travel & Leisure ~500 employees

    Scenario: James received an invite from the compliance officer requesting he participate in the bi-annual 2-hour security training seminar. James attends but finds it boring and doesn’t pay attention to the content. Instead he checks emails and plays on his phone.

    Result: A few months later he receives an urgent wire transfer request from the CFO and responds without confirming its validity. The company loses $5k to the criminals!

    The Right Solution Delivers:

    • Engaging content that employees remember and apply regularly
    • Risk scoring to help identify and support at most-risk users
    • An effective micro-learning approach that sharpens cyber security reflexes and reduces the risk of human error

    • case-study-circle.png


      Threats and data leaks that start with an employee

    • case-study-circle.png


      Organizations suffer negative impacts from an email-borne attack

    • case-study-circle.png


      People can’t identify a sophisticated phishing attack

    Reduce the Risk of Human Error with Cyber Security Training Done Right. Learn More

    Protect Your Remote Workforce With Web Security


    Victim: Olivia

    Role: Sales Rep

    Org: Pharmaceutical Company ~800 employees

    Scenario: Due to the world-wide pandemic, she is working from home. Her last call finished early. Olivia checks her social media account. She sees an ad for a cool tech gadget and clicks on it.

    Result: The site unleashes malware onto her computer. The sensitive company data stored on her machine is compromised. Data is stolen and files are corrupted.

    The Right Solution Delivers:

    • Threat protection for employees both on and off the corporate network
    • Control over the categories of websites users can visit while on corporate devices to block inappropriate content and boost productivity
    • Ability to proxy suspicious sites to stop malware download and prevent data exfiltration
    • case-study-circle.png


      Of malware is deployed via email or web

    • case-study-circle.png


      Of malware uses the web to complete its mission

    • case-study-circle.png


      Web requests leads to malware

    Mimecast Web Security Protects Your Employees Everywhere They Click Learn More

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    Get Comprehensive Coverage at a Price You Can Afford

    Email is the number one attack vector, but it’s not the only piece of your cybersecurity puzzle. Your employees work online, share confidential data with customers and partners, and, more likely than not, use file-sharing services or other unsanctioned applications. And if they’re like most people, their level of cybersecurity awareness is low, and their security reflexes could be sharper.

    Mimecast for Small Business lets you achieve the same level of security as those of other companies many times your size, with one difference: We help you avoid the excessive cost and crippling complexity so common in the industry. What we deliver:

    • 100% cloud-based cyber security solutions that are easy to implement
    • Best-in-class email security with protection against business email compromise, phishing, spam, viruses, malicious URLs and attachments, impersonation, and other sophisticated attacks.
    • Integrated coverage for web, data recovery, email and business continuity, secure messaging, and awareness training
    • Flexible, affordable cybersecurity subscription plans
    Get Comprehensive Coverage at a Price You Can Afford

    Close Security Gaps in Office 365

    There’s no question that Office 365 is a great cloud-based email service, but you need security that’s just as effective. All it takes is one wrong click to do serious damage. More than 17,500 small to medium-sized organizations rely on Mimecast Email Security to complement and bolster their Office 365 services, closing security gaps and letting them benefit from cloud-based email without increasing cyber risk.

    Close Security Gaps in Office 365

    Ease Pressure on Your Business’s Limited Resources

    If your small business is like most, you and your staff wear too many hats. You barely have time to eat lunch, much less support overly complex security technology. Take the guesswork out of email security with Mimecast. A single, easy-to-use administration console combined with automated policy settings and fast and easy reporting mean you can keep your organization safe without being distracted from what matters most – supporting the bottom line.

    Ease Pressure on Your Business’s Limited Resources

    Keep Email Flowing, No Matter What

    Your organization runs on productivity. What would happen if a cyberattack or technical failure took email or other cloud services offline? With Mimecast business continuity, you can keep email flowing in the face of planned or unplanned disruption – whether that be a data migration or a successful cyberattack. And should you experience data loss, you can quickly and easily restore an entire mailbox and/or individual items like folders, contacts, emails, notes, and tasks. 

    Keep Email Flowing, No Matter What

    Deploy Security Quickly, Maintain Your Business Simply

    Mimecast’s cloud-based services are built for rapid deployment, so you can quickly and easily get your protections optimized. Once your technology is live, it’s designed to 'just work', keeping your organization safe without eating up limited IT bandwidth. And if you need us, we’ll be here. Flexible support plans give you the back-up required to meet your specific needs, and our customer success team is committed to your continued and long-term success.

    Build Your Cyber Resilience Cloud

    Our solution framework makes it easy to scope and plan a cyber resilience and security strategy for your organization.

    Build Your Cyber Resilience Cloud

    Pervasive Security, Data Protection, and Awareness Training

    Designed to work together seamlessly, complement each other and to help protect your organization with a layered defense, the Mimecast suite helps you minimize the disruption of cyber threats with a 100% cloud solution.  Whether you choose one, some, or all of the services in the Mimecast suite, we make it easy to do business with us.

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