Defend Your Business From Common Threats

    Stopping sophisticated threats requires pervasive security. This involves a combination of proactive defense to stop threats even before they’re deployed, blocking threats from email and the web, and remediating internal incidents to return to business as usual as quickly as possible.

    Blocking Ransomware

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    Ransomware continues to rise and isn’t going away.
    Companies protect their systems and data with a multitude of security tools designed to block ransomware, but siloed tools can mean slower incident response times, incomplete risk assessments, and challenges managing the tools.

    The Solution

    By combining the power of your SIEM with, it's easy to stay ahead of bad actors.
    Block ransomware and improve security awareness across your organization by utilizing Mimecast Email Security, Threat Remediation, and Awareness Training with your security ecosystem.

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    Business E-Mail Compromise Einhalt gebieten

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    Users are moving quickly to get their work done and are often undertrained to spot suspicious messages making them highly susceptible to clicking on a malicious link in their email.
    Threat actors take advantage of this by leveraging sophisticated threats to get users to hand over their credentials, wire money, or share sensitive data, putting that user and your organization at risk.

    The Solution

    Stay ahead of bad actors and prevent business email compromise with the power of an integrated security ecosystem. Quickly understand and respond to incidents by integrating your SIEM with Mimecast Email Security and Threat Remediation and improve security awareness across your organization with Mimecast Awareness Training.

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    Ending Supply Chain Impersonation

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    Most organizations protect their own perimeter from phishing attacks, but don't protect against attacks within their supply chain.
    Threat actors exploit this trust to spread threats throughout the supply chain, either using your company or a trusted vendor as the middleman.

    The Solution

    Protect your brand, data, and money with an integrated security ecosystem. Mimecast Email and Web Security help to inform your SIEM, SOAR, or other security tools to make it easier to respond and remediate threats whether they come from a compromised or impersonated trusted partner.

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    Block Brand Exploitation

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    Increasingly sophisticated attackers are hoodwinking their targets by posing as trusted senders and brands, getting them to hand over login details, personal information, and money.
    This puts the spoofed organization at risk of brand and reputational damage, financial loss, stolen data, and compliance fines.

    The Solution

    Proactively hunt for potential attacks, easily implement DMARC, and quickly respond and remediate threats from your environment with Mimecast and your SIEM. Integrating your security ecosystem with Mimecast allows you to better protect your organization, while also better understanding and improving your organizational risk posture.

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    Prevent Credential Harvesting

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    51% of organizations have experienced a credential harvesting attack in the last 12 months. These threats are designed to evade traditional email security scans and entice users to take the bait.
    To add to the challenge, IT and Security teams have to manage a plethora of tools to keep their organization safe, respond to incidents quickly, and educate users.

    The Solution

    Protect your users’ credentials and ultimately your organization with a single solution. Mimecast Email Security, Threat Remediation, and Browser Isolation help you stay ahead of bad actors and protect users in email and on the web. Awareness Training helps you turn suspicious messages into teaching moments and improves security awareness across your organization.

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