Ihre E-Mails und die DSGVO der EU. Sie ändert alles.

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is triggering a sea change in how organizations need to protect personal data, including data contained in email and contact databases. Regardless of your organization’s physical location, you must be in GDPR compliance for EU resident personal data—or face dire consequences.

Wie gut sind Sie vorbereitet?

Download GDPR Compliance and Its Impact on Security and Data Protection Programs, an Osterman Research White Paper, to learn: 

  • Why compliance requires unprecedented levels of effort if you control or process personal data
  • What specific security, privacy, and protection measures you need to take to comply with GDPR
  • How a majority (58%) of mid-sized and large organizations have a poor understanding of the wide scope of the regulation and its associated penalties

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