Mehrstufiger Schutz gegen Ransomware

Many organizations mistakenly believe that their antivirus and other prevention-oriented security products protect adequately against ransomware. They also often overlook ransomware scenarios when formulating their continuity or disaster recovery plans.

Faced with the constant escalation of ransomware threats, as well as the pain and cost of restoring operations after an attack, an effective strategy for managing email-borne ransomware risk needs to be multifaceted.

As a provider of cloud-based Security, Archiving, Continuity, and Data Recovery services, Mimecast offers layered protection against ransomware and other email-borne exploits, that can help:

    • Prevent malware from reaching your organization
    • Maintain email continuity in the event that malware breaches your front-line defenses
    • Recover email services and data quickly and with minimal disruption to your business operations

Download this solution brief to learn more about how layered protection against ransomware and other email-borne threats can help you architect for cyber resilience.