Mimecast Survey Finds Half of U.S. Companies at Risk for Non-Compliance Due to Inadequate Email Management

    Newton, Mass. – Mimecast, a holistic email management company offering SaaS-based email archiving, continuity and security, has found that 50 percent of U.S. companies are at risk for legal non-compliance based on a new survey of 500 IT professionals regarding their email archiving and continuity policies. The survey results outline the need for a holistic approach to email management of critical data. Holistic email management addresses the barriers that IT departments are facing today such as managing crucial email more cost effectively, securely and efficiently.

    "IT departments have to provide multi-year email archiving,” said David Ferris, Senior Analyst, Ferris Research. “The results of the survey underscore the appeal of easy-to-implement solutions like Mimecast’s Unified Email Management that offer a holistic approach to email archiving, continuity and security.”

    The online survey was conducted in September 2008 among 500 IT professionals ranging from SMBs (small to medium business) to large enterprises. The survey focused on how organizations support their email structure and revealed striking deficiencies in the overall management strategies for email yielding the following statistics:

    Biggest Email Management Problem

    Regardless of company size, IT managers reported that their biggest email management problem is archiving and storage or security.

    • More than 40% of  respondents reported email archiving and storage as their biggest email management problem, while
    • An additional 39% said that Email Security is their biggest email management issue

    Archiving and E-discovery

    Email archiving is necessary for corporate governance, e-discovery for information pertaining to litigation and retrieval of missing emails for employees. While 68% of companies have had to extract data from email for one or more of these reasons, many cannot currently solve the problem.

    • While 68% of IT professionals surveyed have had to extract data for e-discovery, more than 50% of IT professionals said they can’t currently retrieve email or don’t know if they can
    • Correspondingly, 43% said they don’t have a policy in place or a timeframe for archiving emails


    Email server downtime is unacceptable to employees who depend on constant email access to do their jobs and the loss of productivity takes away from companies’ bottom-lines. In spite of this, 63% of IT managers reported that they couldn’t provide continuous service for email if their email server fails unexpectedly.

    • Nearly 30% reported that employees have to use their personal email accounts or use the telephone for communications during downtime
    • Around 10% said that employees would leave the office if an email outage occurred

    Mary Kay Roberto, senior vice president and general manager of Mimecast North America, said, “Email is the lifeblood of today’s fast paced business environment. Employees need constant email access, as well as the ability to retrieve emails from yesterday or potentially back several years. The growth of SaaS-based solutions for email archiving, continuity and security should reduce the number of companies who are at risk for costly litigation losses and business downtime.”

    The survey results highlight the challenges companies face as email continues to grow as the primary communication tool for correspondence. IT departments are being asked to manage multi-year email archiving for e-discovery needs stemming from potential litigation, and continuity to ensure constant email access for employees.

    Mimecast provides a new SaaS approach to email management which makes email more useful and productive as a business tool while consolidating the current email infrastructure.

    Founded in 2002, Mimecast delivers a holistic approach for managing the risk and complexity of the email management environment with an integrated in-the-cloud solution for archiving, continuity and security of corporate communication and data. Built on a technology architecture specifically for SaaS, Mimecast Unified Email Management makes email more useful and productive, removes the fragmented stacks of point solutions, delivers enterprise-grade software services and empties server rooms to facilitate green IT environments.

    Mimecast Webcast on Email Archiving

    Mimecast and Ferris Research are hosting a webcast on the advantages of using SaaS for email archiving on Wednesday, October 29, 2008 at 8:30 a.m. PDT/11:30 a.m. EDT. To register or for more information please visit: http://www.ferris.com/2008/10/29/email-archiving-on-premises-vs-saas/


    About Mimecast

    Mimecast delivers cloud-based email management for Microsoft Exchange, including archiving, continuity and security.  By unifying disparate and fragmented email environments into one holistic solution that is always available from the cloud, Mimecast minimizes risk and reduces cost and complexity, while providing total end-to-end control of email. Founded in the United Kingdom in 2003, Mimecast serves approximately 4,000 customers worldwide and has offices in Europe, North America, Africa and the Channel Islands.

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