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    Cyber Resilience for Dummies

    Second Mimecast Special Edition ebook provides insight into the importance of cyber resilience

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    • Business leaders and others who work in organizations must proactively plan for disruptions to their day-to-day operations.
    • The potential impact of some of these disruptions may be limited to business operations, while others could be far-reaching, life-threatening, or even cataclysmic.
    • Regardless of your job role, this book provides invaluable insight into why cyber resilience is everyone’s business, and why cyber resilience is needed in everyone’s business.

    Cyber risks continue to rise, largely due to greater digital dependency and the interdependencies of cloud technologies. Today, technology and cloud services have permeated our personal and professional lives. As artificial intelligence continues to evolve and becomes more accessible and pervasive, the risk increases for all businesses, especially small businesses, who need sophisticated solutions to protect their communications, data, and people.

    Organizations are joined together now in massive ecosystems with their customers, vendors, and partners, and are forced to play more integral roles in today’s digitally connected local, national, and global economies. A single point of failure within an ecosystem can create a disastrous ripple effect across an entire ecosystem.

    Download and read Cyber Resilience for Dummies to learn more about:

    • The importance of recovery.
    • Why cyber awareness is everyone’s responsibility.
    • How to protect your business.
    • Why integration is key to success.
    • The evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) in cybersecurity.
    • Ten tips for a cyber-resilient business.

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