UK bank chooses Mimecast to thwart customer phishing attacks

From continuous website cloning attacks to zero in just two months

At a Glance

  • Regional UK bank
  • £1bn in assets


  • Reputation and customer trust was being eroded as the banks website was being repeatedly cloned, with fraudsters tricking their customers into handing over credentials and other sensitive information.
  • Two man days a week were being spent trying to manually detect and remediate these attacks.
  • Takedown processes were adhoc, with the bank using slow and unresponsive ISP and legal routes with limited success.


  • Mimecast Brand Exploit Protect


  • Within 2 months, the bank eradicated all customer impacting attacks – if any threats were detected, they were taken down before they could target customers.
  • Internal staff time was freed up due to the automated detection and managed response from Mimecast.
  • Customer trust and the bank’s reputation were restored.


"Zum ersten Mal waren wir Angreifen einen Schritt voraus. Geklonte Websites wurde erkannt und entfernt, noch bevor jemand zu ihrer Zielscheibe werden konnte – und das ohne interne Ressourcen oder Fachpersonal auf unserer Seite.“

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