Significant cost savings delivered by an innovative internal IT team


TMP Worldwide was sold by Monster Worldwide in 2006. Its UK operation employs some 300 people in six offices, with an additional branch in Dublin, Ireland. The agency specializes in recruitment advertising, marketing and communications.


The internal IT department had been reduced significantly following the MBO and TMP were looking for ways of streamlining some of their internal functions. They wanted to investigate whether or not outsourcing their email management could enhance functionality and provide a significantly more robust disaster recovery and business continuity program.

Much of TMP’s business communications are over email, including liaising with clients to create bespoke websites for the recruitment industry. The company depends on email to submit and receive copy from clients. “Any other way would be too user intensive,” Richard Cook, TMP’s Head of IT explains. Copy is essentially sent backwards and forwards until it is agreed on by both parties. “Without email we would struggle to get copy agreed within tight deadlines, so email availability is crucial for our business,” Cook says.

In addition to email continuity issues, TMP also needed to address email storage issues that were getting out of control. The IT team were attempting to set limits on email storage but at the same time had to increase backup capacity. Cook explains: “There was a desire to control the cost of storing email and we initially did it by fixing limits and trying to stay within those limits. Unfortunately these ceilings were not workable. Email storage is no different to a wardrobe. You can’t keep throwing clothes and shoes in as it will eventually burst, and this was what was happening to our email storage,” Cook says.

TMP knew they had to put a plan in place to minimize exposure to risk in terms of mail support. A business without email would give any Board concerns and they decided to review email solutions for continuity, archiving, security and disaster recovery as a matter of priority.


After considering a number of email solutions, including Google Postini and MessageLabs they chose Mimecast for its rich functionality, personal approach to problem solving and cost.

Unlike other email management providers, TMP found that Mimecast could provide email archiving, continuity and security in one integrated solution in the cloud. Cook comments: “We knew it had to be the cloud to get the functionality we wanted for the right cost and without the need for dedicated in-house expertise.”

Cook explains how Mimecast solved TMP’s archiving requirements, “Mimecast gives us peace of mind that our data is stored in a tamper proof environment in UK-based data centers. In cases when we need to find lost emails we can simply search for key words in the message body or attachments and the emails are available instantly, and can be dragged and dropped back into Outlook. Our users can even do this for themselves – again saving our team so much time.” As emails are now stored in the cloud the business does not need to worry about the size of mailboxes as Mimecast acts as a bottomless storage facility.


One of TMP’s previous concerns was email continuity as their clients expect immediate or timely responses. Cook says: “Previously we could never commit to respond to an email within 24 hours when we did not have dedicated support around email availability. Mimecast now provides that assurance with a full audit trail so we can prove that an email was sent and delivered to a customer and likewise that a customer has responded to sign off contracts and copy. We know we will never lose an email again and the efficiency and reliability helps us to drive business which in turn makes us more successful.”

Dan Fleming, TMP’s Infrastructure Supervisor, comments: “We are now saving more than £40,000 a year on overhead costs. With Mimecast managing our email we no longer need to have an Exchange expert internally. Instead, we have a fully resilient email service that works.”

Cook has been particularly impressed with Mimecast’s customer service. “Even after purchasing Mimecast our account manager was still at the end of the phone if we ever need anything.” TMP also found the support team at Mimecast to be highly responsive in replying to support queries and offering advice about policies that should be implemented to protect their most crucial communication tool and sensitive business information.

Mimecast was adopted in 2008 and the transition has been a smooth process, according to TMP. Just before Christmas in 2008, Mimecast discovered that TMP had an internal issue with their Exchange server. Mimecast alerted TMP to the problem, which meant the issue was resolved immediately, averting potentially severe problems.

Fleming concludes: “Using Mimecast has simplified our email management, as well as providing us with more security than if we had it all in-house. In addition, we benefit from lower costs and better efficiencies.”

TMP Worldwide case study
Sector: Recruitment
Size: 300+End Users
Location: Europe

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