With Mimecast, Municipality Gains Bottomless Email Archive, Streamlined Audit Compliance and Stronger Email Security

With 750 employees, Stellenbosch Local Municipality relies heavily on email for communication. As a result, for ICT Manager Brian Mkaza, email is a significant focus – with availability, archive retention, compliance and security key concerns. However, the municipality’s legacy email systems – based on a range of disparate solutions – could not support those demands, with archiving a critical issue. The IT team was sometimes unable to retrieve email even when required to support investigations or litigation, and there was no audit trail. Mkaza set out to find a new solution – ideally, one platform that could address all of Stollenbosch’s email management needs.

At the time, Stellenbosch had a small Mimecast implementation in place. Mkaza set about investigating a wider implementation of Mimecast – which offers a single, integrated solution spanning cloud email archiving, security, continuity, mobility and more.

“It was immediately clear to me that Mimecast could bring our email systems up to date, giving us the cost benefits of a cloud solution while extending our archiving capability, strengthening compliance and security, and enabling staff mobility,” he says.

The implementation was seamless, says Mkaza, and the benefits of the move to Mimecast were quickly obvious, nowhere more so than in Stellenbosch’s email archive. The days of lost email and incomplete audit trails were gone for good.

According to Mkaza, “Mimecast has transformed our email retention and the ease with which we can find and hold emails needed for investigations or litigation. All our email is now held in triplicate for 99 years as standard, so it’s easy to find any message, whether it’s been deleted or not. It’s now a job that takes minutes, not days.” He reports that the tamper-proof audit trails have also proven useful, and Mimecast offers additional layers of protection against malware, spam and advanced threats like delayed URL exploits and weaponized attachments, keeping Stellenbosch’s data and users safe from hackers.


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