Richmondshire District Council Transforms Email Security and Data Privacy Footing to Refocus on Innovation

The North Yorkshire-based council transformed its email security and data privacy footing while slashing email management time to allow a focus on innovation in technology-enabled service delivery.

Richmondshire District Council is a local government body in North Yorkshire, England. It covers a large northern area of the Yorkshire Dales and must consistently deliver a wide range of public services – from revenues and benefits and homelessness services to environmental health, planning, waste and recycling, and more.

The scale of the council’s operations, which are headquartered in Richmond with 14 smaller sites, means email is a primary communication tool both within the council and to interact with the public. For ICT & Business Change Manager, Graeme Thistlethwaite, that means keeping email on is a major priority: “It is our main communication tool. If it wasn’t available, a lot of people would not be able to do their jobs and services would suffer.”


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