IT-Manager sucht nach einem besseren Weg, Bandbreite und Spam zu verwalten

Mimecast was a breath of fresh air because their approach was so innovative.  They tried to solve the spam problem by using a technique that no one else was using. And that really impressed me.

About Mazars

Mazars is a professional services organisation, which focuses on providing audit, tax and advisory services to a wide range of clients.  Mazars is present in over 55 countries around the world with nearly 12,000 professionals.  In Southern Africa we have 9 offices with nearly 800 staff.  

We are growing in terms of number of staff, in terms of number of clients and opening new offices in the region.  That makes quite a challenging environment to still provide a really robust email solution in particular, because that is probably the one mission critical aspect of our business.  

And that makes IT a critical business process within Mazars in that we have automated almost all of our production so our working papers and our knowledge bases that our staff use to advise clients are all available and delivered by the IT platform. 

Bandwidth and Spam combine to challenge South African IT departments

In South Africa, I think that we face unique challenges.  Bandwidth is very expensive.  And we can almost work out the cost of every email that comes across our lines.  The amount of bandwidth is still limited compared to many other countries.

Spam was a major issue for us and as time based professionals, we chase billable hours.  That was costing us 10s of thousands of Rand a day.  We had particular challenges around email security.  We had challenges around continuity and archiving in particular.  

Manual process to recover email is time consuming and costly

After going through a whole process to recover a really critical email, and even once we'd gone through the off-site location… getting our tapes back, making a back up of the existing mailbox, restoring the other mailbox from back up and searching through an incredible amount of irrelevant emails and spam… I thought there must be a better way. 

The idea of having a hosted solution appealed to me a lot, because it didn't require any capital investment.  We obviously had some concerns though about the cloud in terms of privacy and ownership of data, given that confidentiality and ownership of our client data is really critical to us… was handing that over to somebody else to take care of.  

Mimecast was almost a no-brainer. We didn't have to have a major capital outlay, we would be up and running in a very short space of time, and the approach to solving the problems we were experiencing was proven to be effective. 

Email storage issues removed: User inboxes and mailbox size limits can now be kept lean

Mimecast has saved us thousands of Rand in time wasted in dealing with spam. We also are able to keep people's inboxes and mailbox sizes very lean - reducing the resources we need to throw at storage.  It's been a good continuity solution because we haven't had to invest heavily in redundant hardware, software and a location.  

It's also enabled us to very quickly retrieve emails from our archive which would have cost us a lot of money to retrieve through the old backup and restore process.

Providing a nearly turn-key email system

Mimecast provided a solution that was almost a turn-key solution, the Holy Grail in IT projects, in that we would be up and running in a very short space of time.  No one would even go into my datacenter.  It would be simply turning on a service, rerouting our mail, and the service would start to be delivered.  

My IT infrastructure team is 20 or 30 percent smaller than it would need to be if we didn't have Mimecast looking after our email system.  

IT Managers are currently under a lot of pressure to deliver innovative services, to a business that needs to be really agile, and to do all of those things at a very low cost.  And Mimecast has enabled me to do that.  I'm not losing any sleep over the security and continuity of our email.

I would recommend Mimecast because it's proven itself to me to deliver on all the requirements that I had for it.  

[2020/10] Mazars, South Africa
Sector: finance, banking, financial-advising, accounting


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