Mimecast hilft Liberata, E-Mail-Kosten zu reduzieren und sofortige Compliance zu erzielen

About Liberata

Liberata is one of the UK’s leading providers of outsourced business processes. With over 2,500 employees across more than 20 UK locations, Liberata improves, streamlines and simplifies complex operational processes. It has a strong commitment to delivering ‘Value for Money’ to its clients and to making a positive contribution to the communities within which it works.

Business drivers – security, remote working and compliance

Following a risk assessment in September 2007, Liberata identified that they needed an email archiving solution to mitigate the risk of key personnel leaving the business at short notice that have been working on business critical projects. It was estimated that many hours of productivity would be lost searching through backup tapes to re-establish control in these projects. The lack of an effective email archive also left Liberata exposed in regards to meeting compliance standards.

In addition, a range of disparate products were in use to provide edge protection against spam and virus infection. Levels of spam were a particular problem. There was as much likelihood of legitimate email being blocked as there was spam being let through. Spam release was a manual task by the corporate help desk and this was considered to be a wasteful use of skilled resource. As there was a driver to cut costs in the business, without sacrificing service levels, this was seen as an immediate area to address.

Liberata also has a large mobile workforce, so its business relies heavily on remote working technologies. It needed to ensure that employees had access to archived and current emails in a secure and time-sensitive fashion.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) versus in-house

Liberata conducted a detailed analysis of the email archiving market and quickly realized there was a significant business case for moving to a SaaS email archiving solution as opposed to bringing it in-house. John Tyreman, Director of IT , Liberata says: “As an outsourcing provider ourselves, we believe that the SaaS model can add value and be highly cost effective. However, there are several models out there and we wanted a trusted, secure model that has the appropriate service-level agreements, security and expertise.” Tyreman added: “The service needed to address our email archiving and compliance requirements, whilst eliminating the problem of spam. We did not want to have to waste time and money growing an in-house storage environment and refreshing it every 5 to 10 years.”

The solution

At the end of 2007, Liberata selected the Mimecast service. John Tyreman knew very quickly that Mimecast’s Unified Email Management solution met the organization’s requirements for a full email infrastructure that was capable of eliminating the threat from spam and viruses. By January 2008 the entire workforce were fully functional on the Mimecast service.

John Tyreman adds: “At first, our IT staff had been quite resistant to the move as they saw the service as ‘job replacement’ – instead of freeing up their time to concentrate on other business critical projects. However, they quickly saw the benefits and how easy it would be to use Mimecast. I was astounded that within just a few seconds of implementation, we were archiving our emails and had become compliant. Staff were unaware of the switch because there was no downtime – it was that simple.”

Compliance, continuity and remote working

Mimecast’s comprehensive archiving service has the ability to access up to 10 years worth of email and attachments within a couple of seconds. Liberata have also addressed email compliance concerns as Mimecast store emails in a tamperproof environment. If an email was ever needed as evidence in a court of law Liberata have complete confidence they would be able to provide the full audit trail of email communication.

John Tyreman comments: “Another great feature of the archiving service is that we now also have a business continuity plan in place. On one occasion one of our Exchange servers went down and staff continued working via Mimecast webmail – it was brilliant.” Factored into the decision to use Mimecast was the recognition that this resilience would allow Liberata to drop plans for the rollout of a mirrored exchange environment, which has saved the organization several tens of thousands of pounds.

The Mimecast service also means Liberata’s remote workers have access to 10 years of archived email via Blackberry, rather than just a list of the last few emails as often is the case with accessing email on PDA s. Tyreman added: “Around 300 of our mobile staff can now access their email archive on their Blackberry devices. When they send and receive emails remotely, that information is stored as if it were a normal email, which is an additional benefit that we didn’t expect.”

Security-as-as-Service – unifying email security applications

Mimecast’s security technology means that 99.5% of the spam Liberata was receiving is now blocked and 100% of the virus threat eliminated. It also ensures zero content-based false positives, meaning staff no longer have to waste time searching for legitimate emails that may have been caught by its previous spam filter. John Tyreman said that, “by effectively managing our spam, the service has saved us the equivalent of one full time employee a year.”

Summary of benefits

Liberata has experienced a wide range of business benefits including a dramatic cost saving by selecting Mimecast. For the same cost that they were historically paying for their spam filter, Liberata have the additional functionality of email archiving, which has also provided the company with simple email retrieval with minimal input from its IT team. All staff, including mobile workers, can access up to 10 years worth of records within a couple of seconds, which also means they have a reliable business continuity strategy.

The Mimecast solution has addressed so many email management requirements for Liberata that they have now started reselling the service – reducing the cost and complexity of email management for their own customers. John Tyreman concludes: “We have been so pleased with Mimecast, the benefits and the cost savings that we are now reselling their service to our own customer base.

Sector: IT
Size: 2,500+ End Users
Location: United Kingdom, 20 locations

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