Mimecast & Gartner Untersuchung: Die Veränderungen in der Archivierung von Unternehmensinformationen

Today’s email archiving solutions are changing rapidly to keep up with business landscape changes. Archiving once served organizations’ narrow compliance and risk mitigation goals but now serve a growing list of new missions.

In this video, Alan Dayley – a Research Director covering information governance, archiving, and storage management software at Gartner – and Achmad Chadran – Archiving Product Specialist at Mimecast – examine the current state of Enterprise Information Archiving, the forces driving its evolution, and the factors that stand to redefine tomorrow’s platforms, including:

  • The need to extend business continuity and simplify collaboration
  • How mobile workforces must be empowered by archiving
  • Ways cloud archiving solutions streamline backend administration

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