Legacy Archive Data Management

Reduce costs and unlock the power of legacy archive data in the Cloud Archive

Get the full picture by bringing your legacy archives into the Mimecast cloud

With Legacy Archive Data Management, your existing archives, mailbox and PST data are imported and made available alongside current archive data in a single integrated cloud archive. Mimecast keeps archives in specific geographic regions and ensures that they are tamper-resistant. The result is strong compliance and powerful policies for supporting and managing corporate information.

Employees can quickly find every email sent or received on any device, backed by the fastest search in the industry with a guaranteed search SLA. Administrators to employees benefit from powerful e-discovery across current and historical archive data.

Legacy Archive Data Management bietet:

  • Rapid importing of legacy archive data into a single, secure archive using either encrypted hard disks or over-the-wire transfer to make e-discovery and search more powerful
  • Geographically dispersed data centers and tamper-resistant chains of custody that strengthen compliance and mitigate risk
  • Enhanced value of historical corporate data by combining it with current data and making it fully accessible
  • Lightning-fast search on virtually any device, enabling anytime, anywhere search and retrieval

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