Safeguard email and manage risk with an integrated suite of services for email-security, archiving and continuity

Die Herausforderung

As an IT leader, you help make business email safer. By constantly evaluating technologies to meet business goals, you enable employees to do more with always-on applications accessible from an ever-growing number of devices.

Cloud computing offers exciting new opportunities to reduce costs and simplify email management while providing infrastructure that can scale to handle business growth and changing requirements. But selecting cloud service providers has to be done correctly. Your business needs a partner committed to customer success, one that provides the flexibility and control necessary.


Mimecast Lösung

Mimecast removes the risk, complexity and cost from managing email communication. Mimecast has helped thousands of customers overcome the challenges of implementing, managing and migrating email. We understand the challenges IT leaders face.

With Mimecast, you get:


Attackers are constantly probing defenses looking for network or employee weaknesses that can cripple communication and cause millions of dollars in damages. The challenge is employing a layered security approach capable of stopping spam and viruses, whaling, spear-phishing and other advanced threats – all while keeping corporate data secure and without impacting productivity.

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Infografik HIMSS-Umfrage: Die Gesundheit der E-Mail-Sicherheit

Was denken Führungskräfte aus den Bereichen IT und Sicherheit im Gesundheitswesen über Cyber-Bedrohungen? Was sind ihre wichtigsten Anliegen ...


Over 110* billion business emails are sent each day. These messages contain key conversations, important strategic decisions and valuable attachments – information and files that must be archived and a highly valuable source of ideas and records. You need to store the information economically and make it instantly available for employees and e-discovery.

* Email Statistics Report, 2015-2019, Radicati Group

Weitere Infos zur Archivierung von Unternehmensdaten mit Mimecast

Mimecast für Finanzunternehmen

E-Mails wurden zur bestimmenden Kommunikationsform für Finanzunternehmen, um den Austausch …


Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection – Interner E-Mail-Schutz

Interner E-Mail-Schutz ist ein Service für die Überwachung und Beseitigung von Bedrohungen in intern erstellten E-Mails,  …


In a world of constant connection, where every second matters, downtime is not an option – the business impact is too great.

It can be expensive to insulate your network from catastrophic or planned events while keeping communication flowing to the applications and devices your employees use the most.

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Don’t Overlook Your Email Archiving Systems

Today, business users need on-the-go access to all their critical data, which includes emails, documents …


Ihr Schutz gegen Cyberangriffe: Mimecasts Verwaltung von Kontinuitätsereignissen

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It's important to stay flexible without getting locked into a single mail server without the risk management capabilities necessary to deliver what you need now and in the future.

Mitigate migration challenges resulting from growing requirements, shifting demands, changing architecture or even mergers and acquisitions.

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Mimecast für Finanzunternehmen

E-Mails wurden zur bestimmenden Kommunikationsform für Finanzunternehmen, um den Austausch …


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Integrated Email Management

Protect against advanced threats, secure sensitive data, archive corporate data and ensure email services never go down.

With no hardware or software to purchase and maintain, Mimecast service bundles scale quickly to accommodate growth. A single platform to manage all email-related services.

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Leading broker reduces bandwidth drain with email security in the cloud

Mimecast vastly reduces the bandwidth drain of email by not automatically accepting and transferring all emails, including the spam.


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