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Manage the risks associated with advanced security threats and data leaks

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Your business is always at risk. Attackers are trying to infiltrate your network defenses. Employees are using email to send confidential information.

It is difficult to mitigate these and other threats and keep your company connected in our always on world. And with employees demanding access from a multitude of devices, the line between where corporate security begins and where it ends is blurred.

The challenge is effectively securing communication platforms while preventing data breaches and information leaks without impeding the business or disrupting employee productivity.


Mimecast Lösung

Mimecast goes beyond traditional security products with dedicated security teams that continuously monitor the global threat level and search for emerging threats so defenses can be updated in real-time to better protect the organization. Sensitive information is insulated from prying eyes with services designed for ease of use and effective security. Control all your security services from a single cloud-based admin console – so you can enforce policies consistently and see potential risks.

With Mimecast you can:

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Email security in a zero trust world

Modern email security for a rapidly evolving threat landscape.

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Enterprise Threat Protection

Effective email security is key to stopping data breaches as 91% of attacks use phishing or spear-phishing to gain access.

With Mimecast S1 Advanced Threat Security, the organization and employees are protected and attackers are kept at bay.

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Secure Messaging

Sending sensitive information to an external party is risky.

There is a real chance the communication can be intercepted or accessed inappropriately. With Mimecast Secure Messaging, confidential information can be shared safely over email without requiring encryption keys or additional measures that are difficult for senders and receivers to manage.

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IT-approved Applications for Sharing Files

It is hard to stop the use of unsafe cloud file sharing services as employees can access them so easily. So offer them a better alternative that is within your control. With Mimecast Large File Send, employees can send and receive large attachments without leaving Outlook for Windows or violating corporate policies and archiving requirements.

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Applications for Employee Productivity and Mobility

The BYOD movement has led to an explosion of devices that must be supported by administrators.

With Mimecast Employee Productivity and Mobility solutions, employees get the protection they need and applications necessary for accessing critical business information – all safely and securely.

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