For Your Role

Get the email security, archiving and continuity needed for your unique challenges

Whether you lead the information technology strategy at your organization, manage all aspects of your corporate email systems or minimize risks across the company, you have big challenges. Mimecast has the tools you need to help you do your job more successfully.


Make employees more productive and rely on Mimecast to remove the risk, complexity and cost from managing email communication. Protect email and data with layered security. Archive important communications. Ensure email keeps flowing in the event of a primary service or planned outage. Simplify management overhead and streamline email migrations.

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Mimecast bietet Nachrichtenvorgänge mit Verwaltungsfunktionen, um die E-Mail-Nutzung in On-Premise-, Hybrid- oder Cloud-Umgebungen für Unternehmen sicherer zu machen. Vermeiden Sie das Einzelanbieter-Risiko mit branchenführenden, mehrstufigen Lösungen für eine bessere Sicherheit, Kontinuität und einem unabhängigen Archiv für Unternehmensdaten.

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Security Professional

Mimecast reduces the risks of costly data breaches and sensitive information loss. Protect the organization against spear-phishing and emerging threats. Secure corporate data and prevent data leaks with easy-to-use employee applications that restrict access and policies that block, hold or encrypt confidential information.

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