GDPR Compliance for Email

Ihre E-Mails und die DSGVO der EU. Sie ändert alles.

Die Herausforderung

Under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), all organizations – whether within or outside the EU – need to obtain EU residents’ consent to store or process their personal data, maintain “Privacy by Design,” and respond quickly to their “subject access” and “right to be forgotten” requests. With GDPR enforcement set for May 2018, this can pose significant new burdens on organizations of all sizes.

By its very nature, all email contains personal data, and is especially vulnerable to cybercriminal exploits. Fortunately, architecting a security, privacy, and governance solution for email can be fast and simple with Mimecast, and a natural first step for bringing your organization into alignment with GDPR requirements.

Die Lösung

Mimecast security, cloud archive and continuity services can help simplify GDPR management for email, through:

  • Commitment to GDPR compliance across solutions and products, with corresponding contractual assurances
  • Single-console management of comprehensive email cyber resilience
  • Advanced email security designed to protect against the latest attacks
  • Integrated archive, backup and recovery with single-instance storage
  • Fast, powerful archive search, e-discovery and review
  • Robust encryption of data at rest and in transit

Visit the Mimecast Trust Center for more details on how Mimecast is assisting our customers in achieving GDPR compliance.


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DSGVO-Risikomanagement für E-Mails

Strafen für Verstöße könnten Ihr Unternehmen über 20 Millionen € oder 4 % des jährlichen weltweiten Umsatzes kosten – je nachdem, welcher Betrag höher ist. Mimecast bietet daher zahlreiche Möglichkeiten, die DSGVO-Compliance einfacher zu erfüllen.

Laden Sie für weitere Informationen das Lösungsprofil Vereinfachung der DSGVO-Compliance für E-Mails herunter.

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