Spear phishing attack

Prevent a spear phishing attack with Mimecast.

Prevent a spear phishing attack with Mimecast.

Ein Spear-Phishing-Angriff ist eine E-Mail-basierte Bedrohung, bei der Mitarbeiter E-Mail-Nachrichten erhalten, die aus einer vertrauenswürdigen Quelle zu stammen scheinen. Spear-Phising-Angriffe versuchen beispielsweise, einen Mitarbeiter zu überzeugen, Zugangsdaten oder andere vertrauliche Informationen preiszugeben oder auf einen manipulierten Link zu klicken, einen schädlichen Anhang zu öffnen oder eine infizierte Website zu besuchen.

The vast majority of hacking attacks today begin with a phishing or spear phishing attack1. The damage from phishing threats can be devastating, costing your organization millions of dollars in disruption to business, damage to reputation and loss of customer confidence and loyalty.

Mimecast secure email services provide a critical defense to protect against a spear phishing attack as well as other advanced threats, viruses, malware, spam and data loss. With Mimecast's cloud-based secure email service, you can achieve always-on and always up-to-date protection eliminating the cost and complexity of traditional email security solutions.

1 "How to Bridge the Email Security Language Gap Between IT and the C-Suite" – Mimecast blog post by Orlando Scott-Cowley, 10/2015

Targeted Threat Protection mitigates a spear phishing attack.

Mimecast targeted threat protection provides critical defenses against the two most common forms of a spear phishing attack: malicious links and email and weaponized attachments.

Targeted Threat Protection – URL Protect provides real-time scanning of all URLs in incoming email as well as archived emails. When a link in an email is clicked, the destination website is scanned in real time for potential threats before it's opened in the user's browser. Mimecast opens safe sites normally, while blocking access to suspicious sites and displaying a warning page. URLs are scanned on every click to protect against a scenario where a URL that was safe on the first click is compromised at a later date. This kind of wholesale protection provides greater security than attempting to identify and isolate a single spear phishing attack.

Targeted Threat Protection – Attachment Protect neutralizes the threat from a weaponized or malware-containing attachment. Every attachment is preemptively sandboxed and checked before being delivered to employees. Mimecast also offers an optional transcription service that automatically converts attachments into a safe format to eliminate any malicious code.

Tools for stopping a spear phishing attack.

Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection provides:

  • Comprehensive protection against a spear phishing attack without requiring additional infrastructure or IT overhead.
  • Sofortiger Schutz für alle Geräte ohne Beeinträchtigungen der Anwender.
  • Fast implementation and activation through Mimecast's cloud platform.
  • Granular reporting for real-time threat analysis.

Erfahren Sie mehr darüber, wie Sie mithilfe von Mimecast Spear-Phishing-Angriffe verhindern können, und erhalten Sie weitere Informationen über das Secure E-Mail Gateway von Mimecast und weitere Lösungen zum Schutz Ihrer E-Mails.