Protect against ransomware

Protect against ransomware with Mimecast

How to protect against ransomware

As you consider solutions to protect against ransomware, it's important to think not just about preventing attacks but about recovering from them quickly as well.

This new paradigm of cyber resilience is based on an understanding that despite all of your efforts at ransomware prevention, it's possible that one day an employee may click on a link in an email or open an attachment that will launch the next Cryptolocker or Cryptowall ransomware.

To truly protect against ransomware, you need to do everything possible to avoid ransomware attacks while also making plans to minimize the impact should an attack be successful. After all, cyber criminals never stand still – they're constantly devising new ways to outsmart your best defenses, and it may be only a matter of time before one of their many attacks gets past your defenses.

When you want to protect against ransomware by implementing the most sophisticated email security as well as the most powerful backup and recovery tools, consider the all-in-one, cloud-based services from Mimecast.

Protect against ransomware with Mimecast

Mimecast provides best-of-breed solutions for email security, archiving and continuity in a subscription service that radically simplifies business email management. With Mimecast, you can stop worrying about how to manage multiple point solutions from a variety of vendors – Mimecast's comprehensive SaaS-based service delivers all the tools you need.

To protect against ransomware, Mimecast provides anti ransomware security solutions that help to identify attacks in email and prevent employees from clicking links or opening attachments. And to minimize the effects of a successful attack, Mimecast provides continuous access to email data via a multipurpose archive.

Mimecast tools to protect against ransomware

Mimecast's services to protect against ransomware include:

  • Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection. To protect against ransomware, this suite of security services provides tools to automatically rewrite all URLs in incoming and archived emails, and to scan every email in real time to protect against malicious links. Mimecast also protects against suspicious attachments by sandboxing them until they have been deemed safe, or rewriting attachments to a safe format so users have immediate access to the content in them.
  • Mimecast Enterprise Information Archiving. This powerful, multipurpose archive provides continuous data protection for email. In the event of a successful ransomware attack, you can gain immediate access to data and information by recovering to a point just before the attack was launched.
  • Mimecast Mailbox Continuity. When primary email servers go down or are seized by ransomware, Mimecast enables users to continue accessing live and historic email from the Mimecast Cloud, using everyday tools like Outlook for Windows, web and mobile applications.

Learn more about Cryptolocker prevention and how to protect against ransomware with help from Mimecast.