Mail Archiving Solutions

Simplify data retention with Mimecast mail archiving solutions.

Simplify data retention with Mimecast mail archiving solutions.

As the volume of email in your organization grows, managing access and data retention requires sophisticated mail archiving solutions.

Email is a primary record of business communication and a highly-valuable treasure trove of corporate information. It contains data your employees need to be productive and evidence your administrators need to comply with e-discovery and litigation requests. But the exponential growth of email data makes these tasks increasingly expensive and difficult.

To simplify mail archiving, Mimecast provides leading mail archiving solutions with fast search tools and powerful data retention capabilities in a cloud-based solution that dramatically reduces cost and complexity.

Comprehensive mail archiving solutions from Mimecast.

Mimecast Enterprise Information Archiving is a secure, resilient and highly-scalable solution mitigating the challenges of managing enterprise email storage.

One of the world’s leading Exchange email archiving solutions, Enterprise Information Archiving offers a single, tightly-integrated cloud platform delivering unified and secure archiving for email, files and IM conversations.

Using multiple collection points, Mimecast mail archiving solutions retain each original email along with detailed meta-data and a copy of any email changed by company policy enforcement.

Features of Mimecast’s mail archiving solutions include:

  • A central archive for all inbound, outbound and internal email, with the option to ingest historical email for a complete email archive.
  • Rapid search tools with an industry-leading seven-second search SLA, enabling employees and administrators to find archived email instantly.
  • Comprehensive compliance, e-discovery and litigation support including case management, legal hold and data export.
  • Flexible policy-driven retention at the mailbox, group, organization or published retention folder level.
  • Secure tamper-proof storage, with three encrypted copies of emails stored in separate locations to improve data security and support governance.
  • Automated mailbox size and retention management to reduce email storage costs and infrastructure management.

Benefits of Mimecast mail archiving solutions.

With mail archiving solutions from Mimecast, you can:

  • Speed workflows with rapid search and content retrieval, enabling users and administrators to access archives on any device, from any location.
  • Deliver comprehensive compliance, e-discovery and litigation support with compliance-driven chains of custody for all archived data.
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of your email management system with mail archiving solutions offering a single cloud platform and administrative console.

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