Email Gateway

Protect your organization with a secure email gateway.


Protect your organization with a secure email gateway.

With more than 90% of hacking attacks originating with an email1, your organization requires an email gateway that prevents the business disruption, damage to reputation and financial losses of a security breach.

Mimecast Secure Email Gateway protects your network from advanced threats and known risks, using security controls to manage information flowing in and out of the organization. With sophisticated, multi-layered detection engines, Mimecast Secure Email Gateway successfully protects your organization from spam, malware, spear-phishing and other email-borne threats.

Mimecast's email gateway provides:

  • A single cloud email platform that delivers an all-in-one electronic mail security solution with instantly-updated threat intelligence and can extend to protect sensitive data.
  • Höhere Sicherheit und bessere Leistung blockieren Bedrohungen, noch bevor sie Ihr Netzwerk erreichen.
  • Greater administrative visibility and control to simplify policy-setting across the organization.

 1"How to Bridge the Email Security Language Gap Between IT and the C-Suite" – Mimecast blog post by Orlando Scott-Cowley, 10/2015

An email gateway with centralized control.

Mit dem Secure E-Mail Gateway von Mimecast können Administratoren ganz leicht weltweite und fein abgestimmte Richtlinien festlegen. Die modernen Message-Transfer-Agent-Tools in der Cloud geben Administratoren die Steuerungselemente, die sie brauchen:

  • Routen Sie E-Mails besonders flexibel mithilfe einer Active-Directory-Gruppenmitgliedschaft oder mit Attributen.
  • Apply policies hierarchically at the organization, group or mailbox level.
  • Manage email address or domain changes as simple policy settings in a central console.
  • Rewrite addresses inbound and outbound for complex, multi-domain environments.
  • Easily manage challenges such as flexible inbound routing and traffic-splitting without adding costly infrastructure.

Features and add-ons for Secure Email Gateway.

The Mimecast Secure Email Gateway offers several built-in features and add-on services to improve the security of your business email.

Über die Secure-Messaging-Funktionalitäten im Secure E-Mail Gateway von Mimecast können Mitarbeiter sogar geschützte Nachrichten verschicken, wenn eine TLS-Verschlüsselung nicht möglich ist. Die Steuerung ist anwenderfreundlich, und die Richtlinien können direkt am E-Mail-Gateway angewendet werden.

Targeted Threat Protection defends your company against sophisticated email attacks with real-time scanning and blocking of malicious web sites.

Large File Send enables employees to securely send and receive files as large as 2GB while adhering to corporate policy and without putting added burden on email infrastructure.

Data Leak Protection provides an email filtering service that uses keywords, file hashes, pattern matching and dictionaries to actively scan all outbound communications and hold emails for review to stop data leakage and support compliance.

Mit Signature and Disclaimer Management können Administratoren das Markendesign, Signaturen und Disclaimer in E-Mails leicht und einheitlich steuern.

Mimecast also provides leading solutions for archiving emails, ensuring email continuity and simplified email management.

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