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Simplify email data loss prevention with Mimecast.

Simplify email data loss prevention with Mimecast.

Email data loss prevention is a critical part of your organization's security. Accidental or malicious email data leaks can cause great damage to your business. Consequently, risk and compliance officers want to apply mail security controls to protect against email data loss prevention, but these solutions cannot stifle productivity or be too expensive.

As a leading provider of email information archiving, security and continuity solutions, Mimecast offers an email DLP tool that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange to guard against both accidental data loss and malicious leaks while educating users about organizational policies and best practices. With Mimecast's comprehensive email data loss prevention solution, you retain the control and flexibility needed to reduce business risk without impeding user productivity or adding administrative burden to your IT team.

How Mimecast's email data loss prevention solution works.

Mimecast's email data loss prevention service synchronizes with Secure Active Directory and provides flexible content policy management features that make it easy to apply appropriate controls to specific users and groups. Mimecast scans all email – including body text, headers, subject lines, HTML and attachments – and compares content against policies that identify specific words, text patterns and images as potential data leaks. When a policy is triggered, administrators may choose from a variety of possible actions including hold pending review, block, CC a group, deliver securely or add content. Mimecast also enables hidden metadata from Microsoft Word documents to be removed to help reduce the risk of unintentional leaks.

Administratoren können die Richtlinien über eine einzelne, webbasierte Konsole verwalten und Änderungen einheitlich in Echtzeit auf alle Standorte und in jedem Mail-Server anwenden. Die Richtlinien-basierte TLS-Verschlüsselung schützt vor Lauschangriffen, während E-Mails übertragen werden. So können Sie Compliance-Vorgaben und Corporate-Governance-Anforderungen einhalten. Die Verschlüsselung kann entweder obligatorisch vorgegeben oder von Fall zu Fall angewendet werden. Mit dem Secure Messaging-Service von Mimecast können Anwender außerdem sensible Informationen mit Personen außerhalb des Unternehmens teilen, denn die Inhalte verlassen nie die Sicherheit des Mimecast-Netzwerks.

Benefits of Mimecast's email data loss prevention service.

Mit der Email Data Loss Prevention Technologie von Mimecast können Sie:

  • Safeguard your organization's reputation by preventing unwanted leaks.
  • Das Erfüllen rechtlicher und regulatorischer Compliance-Anforderungen unterstützen.
  • Mit einer einzelnen Lösung, die standortübergreifend arbeitet, ganz einfach Richtlinien im gesamten Unternehmen durchsetzen.
  • Educate users by providing automatic notifications when their actions conflict with email data loss prevention policy.
  • Enforce policies during the email server outages.
  • Implement an email data loss prevention solution immediately with zero capital outlay.

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