Mimecast email cloud services simply email management.

Mimecast email cloud services simply email management.

Email cloud services from Mimecast provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional email management solutions. Typical on-premises email infrastructure involves integrating multiple single-purpose solutions to get the security, availability and continuity you need from your email system. Even with all this expensive and complex software and hardware, achieving 100% availability is difficulty and cost-prohibitive.

By providing infrastructure for email in the cloud, Mimecast's email cloud services get you achieve availability with a solution far easier to deploy and manage – at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. With email cloud services from Mimecast, you get a single cloud platform and an all-in-one solution to easily secure your email system, provide instant access to cloud email archives, and ensure access to email on any device – no matter what happens.

Email cloud services for email security.

Mimecast email cloud services for security provide a critical defense against threats and loss of data. As 91% of hacking attacks begin with an email3, ist es wichtig, eine e-mail-sicherheit Lösung zu haben, die Ihre Mitarbeiter und E-Mails vor hochentwickelten Bedrohungen wie Phishing, Spear-Phishing und Zero-Day-Attacken schützt. Die E-Mail-Cloud-Services von Mimecast schützen vor diesen gezielten Bedrohungen sowie vor Spam, Malware und Viren. Mimecast bietet auch E-Mail-Cloud-Services für Secure Messaging und Verschlüsselung, die Vermeidung von Datenlecks, den sicheren Versand großer Dateien und die Verwaltung von E-Mail-Signaturen und E-Mail-Disclaimern.

3"How to Bridge the Email Security Language Gap Between IT and the C-Suite" – Mimecast blog post by Orlando Scott-Cowley, 10/2015

Email cloud services for archiving and continuity.

Mimecast Enterprise Information Archiving provides cloud services for email archiving and for archiving files and Lync IM messages as well. Mimecast's email archiver keeps triplicate copies of original email along with detailed meta-data and a copy of policy-modified messages. Retained data is encrypted and stored securely in multiple data centers that are dispersed geographically for built-in redundancy.

Mimecast email cloud services for archiving enable you to:

  • Search and find email and attachments quickly with advanced search capabilities and a 7-second search SLA.
  • Reduzieren Sie die Kosten4 für die Speicherung und das Aufbewahrungsmanagement. Das gelingt mit automatisierten Tools und einer zentralen Kontrolle der Aufbewahrungsrichtlinien.
  • Respond quickly to compliance, e-discovery and litigation requirements.

For email continuity, Mimecast Mailbox Continuity cloud email service ensures email is available during disasters, outages and planned downtime. Employees can access email from any device, anywhere without knowing problems that may be causing a failover event.

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