Email Archiving Solutions

Improve email access with powerful email archiving solutions.

email archiving solution

Improve email access with powerful email archiving solutions.

Lösungen für die E-Mail-Archivierung sind unerlässlich für die Einhaltung der E-Mail-Compliance-Anforderungen und die Wertmaximierung der Daten, die in E-Mail Archiven gespeichert sind. E-Mails sind das zentrale Tool für die Kommunikation und die Zusammenarbeit in einem Unternehmen. Aus diesem Grund enthalten E-Mail-Archive Unmengen an geschäftskritischen Daten, Kontext und Unternehmensinformationen. Branchenführende Lösungen für die E-Mail-Archivierung ermöglichen einen schnellen Zugriff auf diese Informationen, optimieren alle Prozesse rund um E-Mail-Discovery und reduzieren Kosten und Aufwand für die Verwaltung der rasant wachsenden Menge an Unternehmensdaten.

When you're seeking the right archiving solution for your enterprise, Mimecast offers email archiving solutions that simplify management and reduce expenses while providing users fast access to every email they've ever sent or received.


Email archiving solutions from Mimecast.

Mimecast Cloud Archive for Email is a secure, scalable, cloud-based archive that eliminates the need for on-premises email archiving software and hardware. Offering easy-to-use tools for handling email retention policies, Mimecast email archiving solutions let you reduce both the cost and complexity of managing your email archive. With Mimecast email archiving solutions, you can simplify your network, reduce administrative overhead and ease the pressure on overcrowded server rooms while never going through high-risk data migrations or software upgrades ever again.

Mimecast email archiving solutions provide your users with a bottomless mailbox, putting an end to complaints about mailbox size restrictions. Users never have to fret over which emails to keep and which to discard – they can keep everything in their personal archive and simply drag and drop messages back into their inbox when needed. Mobile users can access their personal email archive on-the-go from virtually any device. And with intuitive search capabilities and an industry-leading 7-second search SLA, users can quickly find and retrieve any inbound, outbound or internal email.

Email archiving solutions that simplify email management.

Mimecast's email archiving solution provides your administrators with a single administrative console and superior mailbox management tools so they can:

  • Set granular email retention policies.
  • Perform e-discovery searches and process litigation hold requests.
  • Detaillierte Suchanfragen im gesamten Unternehmen nahezu in Echtzeit durchführen.
  • Eliminate the need to keep large volumes of email on email servers.
  • Find archived email within seconds with rapid search tools.
  • Den Schutz aller E-Mails mit Verschlüsselung und einer sicheren Speicherung verbessern.
  • Reduce TCO with a pricing structure based on the number of your employees, rather than on the volume of email or size of mailboxes.

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