Email archiving for Office 365

The challenges of email archiving for Office 365.

The challenges of email archiving for Office 365

Der Wechsel zu Microsoft Office 365 bietet erhebliche Vorteile, allerdings sollten Sie über einen soliden Plan für die E-Mail-Archivierung für Office 365 nachdenken.

Legacy business email archive data represents a big obstacle as you consider moving your email infrastructure to a cloud-based solution like Office 365. Traditionally, your choice has been between letting this information expire or incurring ever greater costs to manage historical email archives in existing data centers and integrate them with new cloud-base solutions for archiving emails.

Mimecast offers a third possibility – a solution for email archiving for Office 365 where your historical email archive content is quickly migrated into the Mimecast Cloud Archive for Email, providing a single archive for all of your email.

Mimecast Lösungen zur E-Mail-Archivierung für Office 365

Mimecast Legacy Archive Data Management for Office 365 provides a secure and scalable solution for email archiving for Office 365. Users can easily search and access all of their email in a cloud-based archive while giving your administrators granular control over email retention policies.

By providing a high-speed service for migrating your historical email into the archive, this solution makes historical email easily accessible to support improved productivity, e-discovery and compliance requirements.

Die E-Mail-Archivierung für Office 365 bietet folgende Features:

  • An intelligent data migration service ensuring a fast, accurate and secure migration of legacy archive data from third-party archives.
  • Highly-encrypted, secure and resilient email archive storage that offers an SLA with 100% Mimecast Platform availability.
  • Einen Service für das schnelle Einpflegen von historischen E-Mails.
  • Manipulationssichere Datenherkunftsberichte und Speicherung der E-Mails in geografisch definierten Datenregionen.
  • Unbefristete Speicherung sämtlicher E-Mails für alle Anwender, inklusive E-Mails von früheren Nutzern.
  • Die Beibehaltung von veralteten Ordnerstrukturen aus PST-Dateien und Archiven.

Benefits of email archiving for Office 365 with Mimecast

With Mimecast's solution for email archiving for Office 365, you can:

  • Reduce migration risk and increase the speed of migration by following a proven methodology for email archiving for Office 365.
  • Eliminate the cost and complexity of archiving email and managing multiple email archive storage solutions.
  • Improve access to email corporate memory with tools to archive emails in a secure and scalable cloud-based solution.
  • Improve the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of e-discovery with faster search capabilities for the entire email archive.

Learn more about Mimecast's solution for email archiving for Office 365 and about Mimecast's other business email management products.