Email Archive Solutions

Simplify email management with Mimecast email archive solutions.


Simplify email management with Mimecast email archive solutions.

Your email archives are critical repositories of business information. You need superior email archive solutions to access the business intelligence within these data stores. With the right email archive solutions, you can more easily support compliance initiatives, adhere to data retention best practices, and improve productivity by providing your users with faster access to the information they need.

While many email archive solutions are expensive to implement and difficult to manage, Mimecast provides email archive solutions for cutting the cost and complexity of secure, extensible email retention. With Mimecast Cloud Archive for Email, your users have instant access to every email they've ever sent or received, while your administrators get central control of email retention policies with tools for granular management of your email archives.

Email-Archive-Lösungen zur Verringerung der Komplexität.

Mimecast Cloud Archive for Email is a dynamically-scalable, secure cloud-based archive offering greater control of email archiving and retrieval. This Mimecast email archiver provides a highly-secure mailbox for your users, along with intuitive search tools and access from mobile devices. With a 100% service availability SLA and built-in redundancy via multiple geographically-dispersed data centers, Cloud Archive for Email ensures that your users will always have access to email when they need it.

For your administrators, Mimecast email archive solutions provides all the tools they need to manage email backup, archiving and retrieval more efficiently. From a single, web-based administrative portal, they can manage users, set granular retention policies and perform searches for e-discovery.

Mimecast email archive solutions also provide increased support for litigation and regulatory compliance needs. All stored messages are encrypted and tamper-proof, enabling your administrators to provide data for regulatory and legal purposes when needed.

Benefits of Mimecast's email archive solutions.

Mit Email Archive-Lösungen von Mimecast können Sie:

  • Reduce costs by relying on Mimecast's email cloud services instead of needing to purchase and maintain on-premises hardware.
  • Minimize complexity with email archive solutions that streamline management tasks and simplify archiving and searches.
  • Die Performance verbessern. Vereinfachen Sie Ihr Netzwerk, reduzieren Sie die administrativen Ausgaben und senken Sie den Druck auf ohnehin bereits überfüllte Serverräume.
  • Die Produktivität steigern. Anwender können schneller auf ihre E-Mails zugreifen – überall und auf jedem Gerät.