Electronic Mail Security

Safeguard your company with electronic mail security from Mimecast.

Safeguard your company with electronic mail security from Mimecast.

With electronic mail, serving as the starting point for 91% of hacking attacks1, it's clear that electronic mail security must be a business-critical priority for your organization. But traditional on-premises electronic mail security solutions are notoriously costly, complex and difficult to manage, and too often fail to help you achieve the 100% uptime you need to ensure business continuity.

Mimecast cloud email security solutions offer a critical defense against the most advanced threats to electronic mail security, helping you avoid security breaches that damage corporate reputations and cost millions. With electronic mail security from Mimecast, you get cloud-based solutions delivering always-on, always up-to-date protection without the cost and complexity of traditional on-premises offerings.

1"How to Bridge the Email Security Language Gap Between IT and the C-Suite" – Mimecast blog post by Orlando Scott-Cowley, 10/2015

Ein sicheres Gateway bildet die Grundlage für die Sicherheit elektronischer Nachrichten bei Mimecast.

Electronic mail security at Mimecast is built on the comprehensive, multi-layered email security and content controls within the Mimecast Secure Email Gateway. Powered by sophisticated detection engines and intelligence, the Mimecast Secure Email Gateway protects your network from known risks and advanced threats, applying security controls to information flowing in and out of the organization through email. With this electronic mail security solution, you can:

  • Steigern Sie die Sicherheit, indem Sie Bedrohungen aufhalten, noch bevor diese Ihr Netzwerk erreichen.
  • Give administrators ultimate visibility and control to quickly and consistently apply electronic mail security policies across the enterprise.
  • Benefit from a single cloud platform with threat intelligence that updates instantly and extends easily to control sensitive data.

Solutions for comprehensive electronic mail security.

Mimecast electronic mail security solutions provide comprehensive enterprise-grade email protection with flexible and granular security controls. Mimecast solutions include:

  • Targeted threat protection to defend your company from spear-phishing and other advanced threats by blocking suspect websites and sandboxing attachments.
  • Data leak prevention to protect your company from inadvertent or malicious loss of intellectual property, customer data and other sensitive information.
  • Secure messaging and email encryption with secure email cloud services that let employees share sensitive information via e-mail without additional hardware and software for senders and recipients.
  • Secure large file sending to eliminate use of file sharing services outside your organization's security and compliance control.
  • Ein Service Level Agreement für Spam- und Malware-Schutz mit einem E-Mail-Filterservice, der 99 % Anti-Spam-Schutz und 100 % Anti-Malware-Schutz bietet.