Data loss prevention

Schützen Sie Ihre Unternehmensinformationen – mit einer Lösung zum Schutz vor dem Verlust von Daten.

Schützen Sie Ihre Unternehmensinformationen – mit einer Lösung zum Schutz vor dem Verlust von Daten.

Data loss prevention (DLP) is a top concern for any organization where sensitive and business-critical information is stored in digital format. Whether its customer data, intellectual property, future business plans or financial information, it’s far too easy for this information to be purposely or accidentally leaked via email. Data leakage can have serious financial and legal ramifications and cause significant losses in customer confidence and corporate reputation.

While data loss prevention technology exists, most solutions are difficult to implement and manage, requiring a disproportionate amount of time from overburdened IT administrators. Some solutions also harm productivity by introducing controls that make it difficult for employees to quickly access the data they need to do their jobs. A superior data loss prevention strategy must not allow the cost of prevention to outweigh the benefits and, in the event of a leak, must also provide tamper-proof evidence for disciplinary action and legal proceedings.

When selecting a data loss prevention solution, a growing number of organizations worldwide are turning to DLP security technology from Mimecast.

Data loss prevention with Mimecast.

Mimecast offers a leading data loss prevention solution in Mimecast Content Control and Data Leak Prevention. Using flexible policies based on keywords, pattern matching, dictionaries and file hashes, Mimecast’s service scans all outbound and inbound email to identify and block potential leaks.

Mit Mimecast lassen sich DLP-Einstellungen leicht über eine einzelne webbasierte Konsole verwalten, mittels derer globale und detaillierte Richtlinien in Echtzeit übernommen werden können. Über Mimecasts Content Control und Data Leak Prevention können Sie Sicherheitsrichtlinien konsistent für den gesamten E-Mail-Verkehr festtgelegt werden.

Because any part of an email may contain sensitive information, Mimecast examines the subject lines, headers, HTML, body text and attachments, searching for defined words in text patterns along with inappropriate images.

When a DLP policy identifies a suspected leak, Mimecast offers a range of possible actions including holding it for review, blocking the email, copying the email to a group, adding content, or delivering the email through secure channels.

Data loss prevention capabilities.

Mimecast’s data breach prevention solution enables organizations to:

  • Minimize risk by seamlessly integrating data loss prevention with Microsoft Exchange or Office 365TM.
  • Sich vor unbeabsichtigten Fehlern und bösartigen Aktivitäten schützen.
  • Apply relevant email signatures and legal notices to all outbound email.
  • Set granular policies and controls for specific users and groups.
  • Share sensitive information externally using Mimecast’s Secure Messaging service.
  • Support legal and compliance needs with tamper-proof evidence about leaks.

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