Data Leakage

Prevent data leakage with advanced DLP technology.

A Better Strategy to Prevent Data Leakage

Data leakage can be a nightmare for any organization. When sensitive customer data, corporate financials or intellectual property is leaked externally through email, the result can be devastating. Legal action may ensue, but these consequences often pale in comparison to the loss of customer confidence and corporate reputation.

Data leak prevention (DLP) technology can help prevent email data leakage, but many solutions are costly and complex and may stifle productivity by severely limiting access to sensitive information that employees require. When choosing DLP security solutions to address data leakage issues, organizations must ensure that the costs of such a system don’t outweigh the benefits.

Mimecast bietet einen erstklassigen Service zur Vermeidung von Datensicherheitsverstößen, der alle E-Mails überwachen kann, potenzielle Datenlecks erkennt und automatisch Maßnahmen einleitet, um diese Bedrohungen zu stoppen.

Data Leakage Prevention Solutions From Mimecast

Mimecast Content Control and Data Leak Prevention easily protects organizations from the inadvertent or malicious loss of intellectual property, customer data and other sensitive information.

Using keywords, pattern matching, file hashes and dictionaries, Mimecast scans all email and attachments for potential data leakage, evaluating content based on flexible policies. When a policy is triggered and data leakage is suspected, Mimecast can block the content, quarantine it for administrator review, or encrypt and send it through Mimecast’s Secure Messaging email service.

Fix Data Leakage and Meet Compliance with Mimecast

To prevent data leakage, Mimecast enables organizations to:

  • Set granular policies and apply appropriate controls for specific users and groups.
  • Scan all email and attachments, including headers, subject lines, HTML and body.
  • Versteckte Metadaten aus Microsoft-Word-Dokumenten entfernen
  • Avoid leaks by rejecting or blocking the email, holding it for review, copying it, inserting disclaimers or delivering it with encryption.
  • Meet corporate governance and compliance standards by using policy-based TLS encryption
  • Relevante Signaturen und rechtliche Hinweise für die Einhaltung von Compliance-Vorgaben hinzufügen.
  • Control all data loss prevention policies from a single web-based console and apply changes in real time.

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