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    Protect your organization with superior data leak prevention.

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    Protect Your Organization With Superior Data Leak Prevention.

    As organizations store more critical business knowledge in digital form, data leak prevention (DLP) becomes an essential security tool. When intellectual property, customer data or sensitive information like employee personnel files are purposely or unintentionally leaked, the damage can be irreparable. Data leakage can cause customers to lose confidence and business deals to go bad, in addition to fines, legal action and reputation damage.

    But data leak prevention is no easy matter. Monitoring the vast amounts of information that flow through the organization is a challenge; stopping or quarantining content based on complex security rules and user roles is even more difficult. And while risk and compliance personnel may push for the strict data leak prevention measures, these controls should not be so rigid that they stifle productivity by preventing authorized users from quickly and easily accessing data they need.

    As a leading provider of essential cloud services for email management, Mimecast offers a centrally managed DLP security solution for protection against accidental and malicious leaks of data via email.

    Protect Your Organization With Superior Data Leak Prevention.

    Data Leak Prevention From Mimecast.

    Mimecast Content Control and Data Leak Prevention is part of Mimecast’s comprehensive suite of cloud-based solutions for managing email more effectively and securely. Mimecast’s data loss prevention solution scans all email and file attachments and identifies potential leaks using flexible policies based on keywords, file hashes, pattern matching and dictionaries. Emails containing suspected leaks may be blocked, quarantined for review or sent via Mimecast’s Secure Messaging portal.

    Da alle Teile einer E-Mail vertrauliche Daten enthalten können, scannt Mimecast Header, Betreffzeile, Text, HTML und Anhänge, um bestimmte Textmuster und Begriffe sowie unangemessene Bilder zu identifizieren. Falls es Hinweise darauf gibt, dass Inhalte gegen eine DLP-Richtlinie verstoßen, haben Administratoren verschiedene Optionen: die Inhalte blockieren, die E-Mail zur Prüfung zurückhalten, die E-Mail via CC an eine Gruppe senden, sie sicher verschicken oder Inhalte wie Vermerke oder Haftungsausschlüsse hinzufügen.

    Data Leak Prevention From Mimecast.

    Comprehensive Data Leak Prevention Capabilities.

    With Mimecast Content Control and Data Loss Prevention, organizations can:

    • Protect important information with sensitive contact detection of financials, customer lists and personal information using complex weighted dictionaries or multi-part pattern matching.
    • Centrally control data leak prevention from a single web-based console, consistently applying policies across all sites, servers and email.
    • Apply appropriate data breach prevention security measures for specific users and groups through granular control and flexible content policy management features.
    • Richtlinienbasierte TLS-Verschlüsselung nutzen, um das Abfangen von E-Mails während der Übertragung zu vermeiden.

    Learn more about Mimecast’s data leak prevention solution and about Mimecast solutions for data loss prevention Office 365 and ransomware protection.

    Comprehensive Data Leak Prevention Capabilities.


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