Cybersecurity Awareness Training

    Address human error and prevent cyber risk through Mimecast's cybersecurity awareness training. Video-based training modules, benchmarks, and scoring.

    Addressing human error through cybersecurity awareness training

    In cybersecurity, human error is responsible in part for more than 90% of breaches. That means that somewhere in the chain of events leading to a successful cyberattack, an employee made a mistake that could have been avoided. Realizing this, many IT security organizations have collectively poured billions of dollars into cybersecurity awareness training, but with mixed to poor results. The reason is simple: most cyber security training courses are boring, intrusive, one-off efforts that employees prefer to avoid.

    Mimecast Awareness Training takes a different approach. Our cyber awareness training programs are:

    • Highly entertaining. Where most cybersecurity awareness training is based on instilling fear, our courses are designed to get employees laughing. Studies show that humor is better suited to goal-oriented learning results and long-term memory retention. Students of all ages appreciate good humor, which is why our training courses are designed as sitcoms written and produced by top talent from TV and the movies.
    • Persistent. Rather than a single, comprehensive course, we provide ongoing employee security awareness training where employees spend a little time each month to learn about a new aspect of security awareness.
    • Non-intrusive. Delivered in 3- to 5-minute modules, Mimecast cybersecurity awareness training doesn't consume huge portions of an employee's busy day. Rather, it's a short break that employees actually look forward to.
    Addressing human error through cybersecurity awareness training

    Elements of Mimecast's cybersecurity awareness training

    Mimecast cybersecurity awareness training focuses on five key areas.

    • Massively engaging, video-based training modules. Our short cybersecurity awareness training modules get employees laughing at all the silly but dangerous things we do that violate security best practices, from clicking on suspicious links in email to choosing "12345" as a password Rather than dreading the next training session, employees look forward to it. Most important, they pay attention and learn.
    • Testing to establish benchmarks and measure progress. From testing for employee attitudes and baseline understanding of security practices to evaluating the effectiveness of each cybersecurity awareness training module, Mimecast provides real-time data on the progress of your training efforts.
    • Scoring to identify major risks. Because different employees represent different levels of risk, Mimecast Awareness Training lets you assign each individual a personalized cyber risk score based on their training results and their position within the company.
    • Customized training and remediation. Armed with employee risk scores, you can direct training resources to the employees and areas of your company that need it most, remediating issues with one-on-one coaching or additional training.
    • Phishing tests. We help you put your employees' learning to the test with phish testing using emails that cover everything from package tracking and password resets to phony promotions and fake news.
    Elements of Mimecast's cybersecurity awareness training

    A broad range of cybersecurity awareness training topics

    With Mimecast, your employees get cybersecurity awareness training delivered in short doses every month. From ransomware and insider threat awareness training to HIPAA and GDPR awareness training, the scope of our comprehensive security awareness program has been developed by security experts and thought leaders in a number of industries.

    Security awareness modules currently include:

    Phishing Passwörter Data in Motion Informationsschutz Sauberkeit im Büro HIPAA DSGVO 


    Same Password

    Personal Email

    Stolen Laptop

    Use of Shredder

    Social Media Posting Data Usage
    CEO Fraud Strong Password Unknown Media Spoken / Sensitive Behavior Physical Access - Tailgating Reporting Breaches
    Überweisungsbetrug My Cloud Storage Social Media Clean Desk Spoken Disclosure
    Vishing Email & Inadvertent Leaks Know Your Audience Exposed Screen Authenticate
    Privileged User Responsible Printing Locked Screen
    Public Wi-Fi
    A broad range of cybersecurity awareness training topics

    Cybersecurity awareness training that gets results

    By measuring employee awareness of cybersecurity best practices before and after training, you can easily measure the success of your investment. The table below shows the significant impact that Mimecast cybersecurity awareness training can have on your workforce. These gains are the result of training courses that engage employees with funny lessons on serious topics to drive home learning and change end-user behavior.

    Mehr Wissen: Bewusstsein vor und nach der Schulung
    Phishing 33,0 % 81,2 % 246 %
    BYOD 28,1 % 86,6 % 308 %
    Social Media 37,7 % 80,1 % 212 %
    Passwörter 12,5 % 54,6 % 437 %
    Unbeabsichtigte Offenlegung 18,6 % 78,4 % 421 %
    Insider-Bedrohungen 17,8 % 62,6 % 345 %
    Schatten-IT 26,7 % 53,9 % 202 %
    Speichergeräte 34,5 % 88,2 % 256 %
    Bedrohungen melden 17,8 % 62,6 % 345 %
    Tailgating 27,9 % 67,2 % 241 %
    Cybersecurity awareness training that gets results

    FAQs: what is cybersecurity awareness training?

    What is cybersecurity awareness training?

    Cybersecurity awareness training helps employees understand their role in defending against a variety of cyber threats. Awareness training typically includes education about what threats look like, how they work, and what employees should do if they encounter a threat online or in an email.

    Why use cyber security awareness training for employees?

    Human error is involved in more than 90% of major security breaches. Cybersecurity awareness training can help to minimize the role of human error in security lapses and improve the security posture of an organization.

    How effective is cyber awareness training?

    The effectiveness of cyber awareness training depends on the quality and methodology of the program. Some programs are structured to deliver training in one lengthy setting, providing instruction to cover all cyber threats at once. Mimecast Awareness Training uses a more effective approach – providing short training sessions once each month on an ongoing basis to keep security best practices fresh in employees' minds.

    How long does cyber awareness training take?

    The duration of cyber awareness training depends on the program. While some programs require employees to take several hours away from work, Mimecast Awareness Training is delivered in 3- to 5-minute sessions once each month.

    FAQs: what is cybersecurity awareness training?

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