Cyber Awareness Training

    Combat human error with Mimecast cyber awareness training. Topics include ransomware, phishing as well as compliance topics like HIPAA and GPDR.

    Solving for human error with Mimecast cyber awareness training

    While new cyber threats are continually emerging, CISOs everywhere know what their greatest risk is: human error. Research shows that in more than 90% of breaches, some employee did something that could have been avoided – and that caused or enabled a successful attack.

    To combat human error, organizations have turned to cyber awareness training for employees. In an ideal world, every employee would internalize every best practice and become the organization's greatest security asset rather than its greatest risk.

    But most cyber security awareness training for employees is incredibly ineffective – it's boring, time-consuming, punitive and poorly structured as a learning experience. No matter how many billions of dollars organizations invest each year, awareness training won't work if it's not done well.

    Mimecast Awareness Training addresses all of the flaws in traditional training methodology to deliver cyber awareness training that employees love and, more importantly, that gets results.

    Solving for human error with Mimecast cyber awareness training

    Why Mimecast cyber awareness training actually works

    What makes Mimecast cyber awareness training so effective?

    It starts with humor. Seriously. We realized that the more engaging and entertaining our training courses could be, the more employees would pay attention. If cyber awareness training made them laugh, they might look forward to it rather than dread it or ignore it. So we designed our training to be massively engaging, written and produced by top talent from the entertainment industry.

    We keep it short. Each module is no more than 3 – 5 minutes in length. That means rather than taking the better part of a day to slog through security best practices, employees can accomplish their cyber awareness training on a very welcome break in their day. Each module covers a different topic, from email security training that covers ransomware and phishing to compliance topics like HIPAA and GDPR awareness training.

    It never stops. Because the threats to your security continue to evolve, Mimecast cyber awareness training is continuous as well. Rather than a one-off, daylong training session packed with best practices that employees are likely to forget, Mimecast Awareness Training presents content in short doses roughly once a month. That means employees are constantly learning and that security is continually made a priority.

    Why Mimecast cyber awareness training actually works

    Augmenting training with phishing tests

    Phish testing is a major part of Mimecast cyber awareness training. But while most phishing training and testing solutions are difficult to operate and almost impossible to customize, Mimecast's are fully integrated into your cyber awareness training platform to make phishing tests easy to conduct and measure.

    Simple to set up and deploy, Mimecast phishing tests can be customized in less than 10 minutes. Phishing tests include:

    • Templates of common phishing emails – everything from phony promotions and fake news to package tracking and password resets.
    • The ability to customize text and landing pages to create the kind of phishing emails your employees are most likely to see.
    • Tools that let you choose which employees receive which tests and determine the sequence and time of launch.

    With Mimecast phishing tests, you can see how your employees respond to realistic attacks – without suffering the consequences.

    Augmenting training with phishing tests

    Why choose Mimecast for cyber awareness training?

    Organizations in every industry vertical are choosing Mimecast cyber awareness training for several key reasons.

    1. It's the best content in the industry. Our cybersecurity awareness training is not only funny and massively entertaining, it's comprehensive and effective. Each module has been developed by top leadership from the U.S. military, law enforcement and intelligence community – experts with deep expertise in their area of cybersecurity.
    2. Predictive risk scoring lets you target training effectively. Mimecast cyber awareness training lets you assign a risk score to every individual, as well as your organization as a whole. With this intelligence, you can effectively focus your time and resources on the employees who you're your greatest risks by virtue of their training test scores or their place in the organization, adding one-on-one coaching and additional training to help them improve awareness and master best practices.
    3. It's a single, integrated solution. Mimecast Awareness Training provides comprehensive cyber awareness instruction and can be seamlessly integrated with Mimecast's suite of email security, web security and enterprise information archiving solutions to address all of your cybersecurity needs.
    4. It's easy to use and administer. All modules are delivered online, making it easy to deploy Mimecast cyber awareness training to a global workforce in just a few clicks. Training modules are available in several languages (through translation or captioning) to support worldwide operations.
    Why choose Mimecast for cyber awareness training?

    FAQs: What is awareness training?... and answers to other questions.

    What is cyber awareness training?

    Cyber awareness training educates employees about the wide variety of threats they may encounter or actions they may take that could jeopardize their organization's security. Cyber awareness training helps employees understand what threats look like, how they work and how employees should respond when they encounter a threat.

    How long does cyber awareness training take?

    Cyber awareness training programs vary widely in duration. Some are one-off sessions that seek to educate employees about all threats in a single setting. Mimecast Awareness Training offers a different approach – monthly training sessions that last no more than 3 – 5 minutes, to keep employees continually engaged in security topics and to keep security best practices fresh in their minds.

    How effective is cyber awareness training?

    The effectiveness of cyber awareness training depends on the program. Some programs have proven remarkably ineffective; organizations may see no improvement in their security posture despite thousands of dollars invested in cyber awareness training programs. Mimecast Awareness Training has proven a highly effective alternative, with employee awareness increasing by as much as 400%, thanks to highly engaging training modules delivered in short sessions on an ongoing basis.


    FAQs: What is awareness training?... and answers to other questions.

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