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    Mimecast Sync & Recover for Office 365 provides a backup and recovery software solution that fully protects invaluable intelligence in business email.

    Protect email data with Mimecast backup and recovery software

    While most businesses today recognize the value of email data, many organizations lack adequate backup and recovery software that would enable them to recover all their data after a cyberattack or a data loss event. This fact is not completely surprising, given the challenges of implementing email backup and data recovery solutions. An on-premise backup and recovery solution can be difficult to maintain, with constant costs for upgrades and server refreshes, and painful expansions of storage media. And backup and recovery software to create a cloud backup can create performance bottlenecks while adding additional burden to IT teams already juggling many competing priorities.

    To solve this challenge, Mimecast provides cloud backup software and recovery capabilities in Mimecast Sync & Recover for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365. This backup and recovery software provides a fast, intuitive point-and-click interface for recovering email data lost to corruption, accidental deletion or malicious attack.




    A cloud-based backup and recovery software solution

    Mimecast Sync & Recover for Exchange Office 365 provides a backup and recovery software solution that lets you protect the invaluable insight and intelligence in business email while minimizing the burden for IT administrators.

    Sync & Recover provides rapid and granular recovery of mailboxes, contacts and calendar items after loss due to inadvertent or malicious deletion or corruption. As a fully integrated extension to the Mimecast Cloud Archive, Mimecast's backup and recovery software is easy to deploy, eliminating the need for a stand-alone email backup service. And when combined with Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection and Continuity services, Mimecast's cloud backup and recovery solution can be part of a highly effective, layered defense against ransomware attacks and other email-borne cyber threats.


    Advantages of backup and recovery software from Mimecast

    With Mimecast backup and recovery software, you can:

    • Automate backup, with automated sync of email data up to six times per day.
    • Speed recovery of mailboxes, personal folders, contact lists and calendar items.
    • Automate management of the size of user mailboxes, setting policies from a single Administrative Console.
    • Simplify retention management with granular, policy-based retention of email content and metadata and custom rules for user archive retention, administrative retention and expiry.
    • Deploy fast – as a cloud-based backup and recovery software solution, Mimecast can be rolled out quickly.
    • Ensure access to familiar folders and shared mailbox content from Outlook, mobile devices, Mac and web apps – even when primary email systems are down.

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