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Continuity, Archive and Data Protection
Vernachlässigen Sie die E-Mail-Geschäftskontinuität im Rahmen Ihrer Cloud-Migration?

It’s easy to take email continuity for granted, especially when using a cloud-based … Read More >

It’s easy to take email continuity for granted, especially when using a cloud-based service. But an outage can undermine productivity and security. Here are some tips for maintaining email business continuity. Key Points: When an email system goes offline, the resulting chaos can impact the b… Read More >

Sam Greengard

von Sam Greengard

Mitwirkender Verfasser

Posted Jun 04, 2020

Continuity, Archive and Data Protection
Cloud Productivity Platform Security: Re-imagining Your…

Cloud productivity suites are … Read More >

Cloud productivity suites are booming in the Covid-19 era while cybercriminals continue to adapt to the new attack surfa… Read More >

Richard Botley

by Richard Botley

Senior Security Writer

Posted Jun 02, 2020

Continuity, Email Security
Cyber-Risiko, Cyber-Versicherung und die Kosten von Störungen

Here's the deal with cyber insurance.  Companies evaluating cyber insurance sometime… Read More >

Here's the deal with cyber insurance.  Companies evaluating cyber insurance sometimes complain that they don't know what they're buying, what it does and doesn't cover, how it compares to competitive offerings, and what it's really worth. An Ovum report commissioned by FICO reported that only … Read More >

Michael Madon

by Michael Madon

SVP & GM for Security Awareness and Threat Intelligence Products

Posted Sep 30, 2019

Continuity, Security, Cyber Resilience for Email, Awareness Training, Email Security, Security Awareness Training
Internal Security Threats: A Problem that Continues to …

Mimecast’s “The St… Read More >

Mimecast’s “The State of Email Security 2019” report shows continued challenges from compromised and c… Read More >

Matthew Gardiner

von Matthew Gardiner

Principal Security Strategist

Posted Jul 15, 2019

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Wie schnell kann ich mich von einem Cyber-Angriff erholen?

Cyber resilience shifts focus from just preventing an attack to what happens after. Prote… Read More >

Cyber resilience shifts focus from just preventing an attack to what happens after. Protecting your business emails is about more than just filtering out spam, malware, and business e-mail compromise emails. In the context of migrating to Microsoft Office 365 and other cloud-based systems, email be… Read More >

Garrett O'Hara

by Garrett O'Hara

Principal Technical Consultant

Posted Mar 07, 2018

Archiving, Continuity
Introducing Mimecast Sync & Recover. A new approach to …

Email Data Recovery from Mimec… Read More >

Email Data Recovery from Mimecast: Solving an Industry Disconnect According to new data from Vanson Bourne, commissione… Read More >

Julian Martin

by Julian Martin

Vice President of Global Channels and Operations

Posted Jul 19, 2017

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Office 365 erleidet den dritten Sommer in Folge Serviceausfall

Den zweiten 30. Juni in Folge hatte Office 365 eine Unterbrechung des Dienstes zu verzeichnen. Laut Bericht in The Inquirer hatten Benutzer in ganz Europa Schwierigkeiten mit der Anmeldung bei den Diensten. Haben Sie sich schon einmal gefragt, was mit den Office 365-Diensten passiert ...

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Petya Ransomware – Ein Aktionsplan zur Verbesserung Ihrer Cyber Resilience gegen diesen jüngsten Massenausbruch

Ransomware deja vu  The global reach and considerable impact of the current Petya ransomware outbreak bears a remarkable similarity to the WannaCry attack of just a few weeks ago.  This outbreak should serve a…

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Mimecast ergänzt neue Continuity Features zur Überwachung des E-Mail-Flusses und zur schnelleren Alarmierung und Reaktion im Fall von Störungen

Eine aktuelle, weltweite Umfrage von Mimecast unter 600 IT-Entscheidern hat gezeigt, dass 88 % der Befragten E-Mails als kritischen Faktor für ihr Unternehmen betrachten und 55 % E-Mails sogar für unternehmenskritisch halten. Überraschend ist dies nicht. Mit einem Blick in die Inbox starten viele in ihren Tag ...

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Continuity, Microsoft 365

Vorbereitung ist alles: Die fünf wichtigsten Fragen zur Gewährleistung der Kontinuität in der Ära der Cloud-E-Mail

Microsoft® Office 365™ is proving popular and adoption continues to accelerate.  A recent Gartner study found that 78 percent of IT decision makers say their organization is already using or is planning to use Office 365. This is 13 percentage p…

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