Security, GDPR

DSGVO und Cyberkriminalität: Ist E-Mail Teil Ihrer Compliance-Strategie?

Crippling financial penalties and strict new privacy rules have grabbed most of the EU General Data Protection Act (GDPR) headlines so far. This is no surprise, given the sweeping nature of the act, but ahead of the May 2018 implementation date, it&r…

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Die Mimecast-Risikobewertung zur E-Mail-Sicherheit – Benchmarks für E-Mail-Sicherheitssysteme

Would it surprise you to learn that in recent testing Mimecast has seen a 13.2% false negative rate for incumbent email security systems?  Does your current email security system let through an inordinate amount of spam, malware, malicious URLs,…

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Sicherheit, E-Mail-Sicherheit

Wir präsentieren: Mimecast Internal Email Protect

Internal threats not just from malicious insiders. When thinking of the people behind internal threats you need to be concerned about three profiles, not just one:   Compromised Insiders: These employees have had their accounts or systems take…

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