Michael Madon

by Michael Madon

SVP & GM of Mimecast Security Awareness

Posted Oct 03, 2018

With Cybersecurity Awareness Month here, we’re ready to help.

Human error is one of the leading barriers to effective cybersecurity. Casual mistakes can lead to career-threatening results. Putting the right technology in place to improve your cybersecurity is important, however, an educated workforce that’s aware of the threats and knows how to prevent them is the last piece of the puzzle.

You can teach employees what they need to know to keep your organization secure, and we’re here to help.

As part of Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October, we’re bringing you a weekly series on common threats to strengthen your cyber resilience strategy.

This week, we’re tackling the issue of how to avoid inadvertent data leaks. You can learn about other similar threats—and how to prevent data leaks by downloading our cybersecurity awareness training kit.

What you should know about inadvertent data leaks

Often, confidential data is lost or exposed by carelessness or accident.

Sometimes, all it takes is a click. But it doesn’t matter how it happens: once the information goes public, it can be problematic for the company.

Security breaches cost companies roughly $600 billion in one recent year*, and 90+% of those breaches involved human error**.

5 ways to prevent inadvertent data leaks

• Always follow the company’s rules for handling data and using devices.

• In email, be cautious about using cc:, bcc:, Reply All, and Forward.

• Immediately report the loss of any device that might contain or can access company data.

• Don’t print more pages or copies than you need.

• Shred confidential documents that you no longer need.

*Economic Impact of Cybercrime— No Slowing Down, McAfee/Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Feb. 2018.

**Willis Towers Watson, March 2017.


Michael Madon

by Michael Madon

SVP & GM of Mimecast Security Awareness

Posted Oct 03, 2018

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