At Mimecast, delivering the best customer experience is at the heart of everything we do. Whether before becoming a customer or when using our services, our mission is to meet and exceed customers’ needs and make the experience easy and enjoyable.

The Mimecast Administration Console allows customers to manage all aspects of their Mimecast service from a single web-based console, including security, Targeted Threat Protection, Archiving and Mailbox Continuity. It  underpins the simple, fast and effective email risk management we deliver to our customers. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce the general availability of the first of a series of improvements we are making to our Administration Console.

For now, let’s talk about phase one of this upgrade. This first phase delivers a complete revamp of the top-level navigation and improvements to the service dashboard. These enhancements make managing Mimecast services even easier and more intuitive.

1. Menu Structure:

The top-level menu is more simple and intuitive for easier navigation.

2. Favorites:

Bookmark your 10 favorite items for quick access from the main screen.

3. Mimecaster Central Search:

Search our customer community and knowledge base from directly within the console.

4. New Contemporary Dashboard:

A redesigned dashboard features a cleaner layout making it easier to see what’s important.

5. Notification Feed:

A scrollable list of service status notifications and product news.

6. History:

Easily go back to what you were doing with clickable recent history links.


Ready to learn more and get started? Watch this video now for a more detailed run-through of the new features. You can also visit Mimecaster Central to learn more, access the upgraded Administration Console, leave feedback and ask questions.

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